Is a Wii U worth buying?

Jan 24, 2015
Hello! I have always loved Nintendo, but I've never had the opportunity to buy a Wii U until now. I would like to know if it is a system worth the buy. I've always heard great things about the Wii U, but I've also heard that it isn't worth the time. I'm just a bit iffy about buying a system that won't live up to my expectations.

What are some fun games for the Wii U? I enjoy action/adventure games, along with horror games being my favorite genre.

What are your thoughts?
I have the black, deluxe Wii u myself and I think it's a pretty good system, They need to develop more games for it but otherwise it's not a bad system. Lego City Undercover is good and I like the Pac Man game for it, the new Super Smash Bro. and Mario Kart games might be worth picking up, they are always pretty good. Personally, I've always been a fan of adventure and rpg games so I'm hoping to see more of that for the Wii u, maybe a Wii u version of Fantasy Life and Animal Crossing
skim through some of older threads, we've touched on this before. I say absolutely yes, but it depends on your age and tastes. I'm 34, and love Zelda,Mario games so I'm having a blast. Just the VC is enough for me because now i can get some of the games i missed out on when i was younger. I just bought Yoshi's Island and will be buying Earthbound. Smash Bros. is awesome, Infinity, Hyrule Warriors and of course MK 8. There was a serious game shortage last year, but no longer. If i was filthy rich id have bought almost every game they released so far!

Advice: if you get one, opt for the black deluxe, I've already used 20 GB of storage
Me personally I think that it is a reallygood console to get and if you have the money then you should get it. It is a really good console especially if you have lots of people that you can have that will play it with you. I would say that I think that it is a good console.
I own every Nintendo console (& handheld) they've made thus far but passed on this one. Now whether that's relevant to you or not only you know but for me it's crucial. I felt like this was an attempt to fill a void as opposed to give the dedicated players something to enjoy.

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