Is anyone going to pick up a 360?

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Thomas Ennis

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Jun 24, 2013
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For those of you who don't have a 360, are you going to pick one up soon?
Now that the Xbox One is coming out, I am thinking of replacing my 360. The system should be pretty cheap, and the price of games should fall drastically.
I have a 360 but I would definitely suggest replacing it if you want to. I am waiting for the price drop on certain games which will hopefully happen soon!
I would think the price drop will occur pretty soon. When the Xbox One hits the market in full swing, there will be a need to clear out all the old inventory! Such a situation is perfect for patient gamers like myself.
I'm pretty mad at my 360. Honestly, I feel like blowing it up.. stupid thing..
Not too long ago the first Xbox that I had broke, and the sad thing is that my mom replaced it with an Xbox that was worse. The one that I had, had the wireless internet so that I didn't have to hook it up to the internet, and now this new one we have to. Right now, I'm going to be moving into my own apartment soon, so I'm hoping to buy a new Xbox. Mostly because my parents are making me keep the Xbox at home.
If I have just one thing to say about these xbox consoles, is never get the "Black" slim model with the sense-activated on/off switch instead of pushing it. They come internally with a 4gb hdd (which isn't enough for even like two games to be saved too) and I've seen my brothers black xbox 360 glitch, lag, and freeze more than any other console he owns. We call it the "curse of the black xbox"

But I love my 360, just like my other consoles. It still sees a fair bit of usage for MineCraft and DESTINY.
That is good to know, because I didn't even know that they made those. I don't pay much attention to the Xbox anymore. I used to when I played online all the time I would try to keep up with it, but not anymore. It's not worth it. I don't play online that much anymore just because I don't have the time anymore. We just had to buy a new one and it's a very old one. I had one of the nice black ones, not slim and it was great. I don't even know how it broke.
I've never owned any of Microsoft's game consoles. Most of my friends own a Xbox 360 and it's certainly a great console with an impressive library of games. I was initially put off by the high failure rate which exemplified some bad design decisions by Microsoft's hardware engineers. They seem to have sorted those problems out with the newer iteration of the Xbox 360, perhaps I'll pick one up one of these day.
You should. At the very least, at refurb stores they sell for under 70 bucks with a gift bundle anymore (1-2 controllers, 1-4 games) - it's very worth it. Was a solid console choice.

I never once experienced the problems everyone else did, and I have a very original, very first release white xbox 360. Day of release, still going strong, not one red-ring and the only custom job I did on it was paint/stickers/bigger hard drive. One of the best investments I've ever made since I can lend it out to friends for them to enjoy games. I wouldn't lend my WII out (too sensitive and I wouldn't lend out my Ps3/PS4 (too much money) but with Xbox I was never concerned with losing it, honestly. So cheap to replace.
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