Is anyone picking up Pokémon Red , Blue or Yellow on Friday?


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Feb 7, 2016
I'm still trying to decide on what color I want to get. It's such a tough choice. Much tougher than picking the next president. Lol!

Ehh, I doubt it. I like the remakes more than I like the originals. I appreciate what they are, but there are so many things missing or stifling about the original games - no abilities, no held items, limited item capacity, fewer overall pokemon, fewer moves, etc. - that kinda kill the experience for me. Still, if I was gonna pick one I'd go with Yellow, as I liked the Team Rocket extras when I played it originally. Pikachu following me around was cool, too, I guess.
I'm actually going to get Yellow. I can see you point. The reason I'm getting it is because the very first ever Pokemon game I played was Pokemon Red. It's a trip down memory road.
Pokémon Yellow was my first Pokémon game, so if I was to pick one, I'd definitely go with that one... Pikachu for the win! :D

I wish I still had my red Game Boy and my Pokémon game, but alas I sold them years ago. I'm actually quite behind in Pokémon games...

Ehh, I doubt it. I like the remakes more than I like the originals.

Which Pokémon game would you suggest of the remakes?
If you mean the first gen remakes then it's up to which pokemon you like more, as they're otherwise identical to each other. If you mean first gen to third gen remakes, I like HeartGold / SoulSilver the best. The second gen games have always been my favourites, and those two remakes are particularly awesome, given the sheer amount of material. Adding in later-gen pokemon in the post game only sweetened the deal further.
I will probably pick up Red eventually, but not right now.
Yeah I'm gonna get all three. Was just going to stick to Red but then they announced you'll be able to transfer them to Sun and Moon, I kinda want to have the original 151 from Red/Blue/Yellow in it. Would be cool.
I got red. I played blue long ago, but never red. Its pretty much the same thing as blue to be honest. Still love the game though. I did get yellow on an actual cartridge a while back just because i thought you could walk around with any pokemon you wanted. That dream was squashed by a little yellow rat that invaded the planet and shocked little kids into paralysis. Put him in box 6, never took him out. I never even finished the game.
I caved in and downloaded Red and Yellow not long ago.
I downloaded red myself, the game wasn't disappointing at all. Even the Mew glitches and Missingo are still in the game. And no, they won't brick your 3DS lol.
Hey guys, first post here! Good thing I saw this thread, I missed it while skimming the page the first time, and I almost made the same exact thread.

So yeah, I'd like to join in. I got Red and Yellow on the release day. I am still playing it today. I finished the E4 early on, of course. It's the glitches that made me play more. I cannot believe how broken this game is. I am currently trying to create a perfect Pokemon with a video I saw on YouTube. It's a very difficult and advanced glitch, but definitely pays off in the end. If you guys are interested, just tell me, and I'll give more details. :)
What are the mains reasons I should play the originals instead of the remakes? Just wondering.
Well if you're looking for something new then you won't probably find any. Except for the glitches. Right now I've completed the Pokedex and I'm just playing around with the glitches. You'll be surprised at how broken the game is. You can also transfer Pokemon to Sun/Moon.

You can also play it on a whole new perspective, which can become quite addictive and fun. I'm talking about speedrunning. People have been speedrunning Generation 1 games for quite a while now, and it's crazy how far they've gone. I mean, they are now finishing the games from scratch in 2 hours. And it's glitchless! I can't even finish the game in 3 hours with glitches.
I caved in and downloaded both Red and Yellow a little while again.
Update, so I got the glitch to work in both Red and Yellow. Took me a few days and about 10+ hours of ingame time from scratch (the glitch itself takes about only 1 or 2 hours to setup). I got my first perfect Mew (Red) and Pikachu (Yellow) - max DVs and max stat experience. However, upon trying it again on my Yellow, I forgot to do a very important step of the glitch and bam, it crashed my game. After restarting my save got deleted! I'm so salty. But it's all my fault. The glitch is totally legit as long as you follow the instructions exactly. It is a very dangerous glitch indeed, nothing could be worse than corrupting your save file! However, if you pull if off, the pay off is definitely worth it.

Ok, so I don't know if it's necessary to make a separate thread for this, but here is how you do the glitch:

1.) Get the 8F Key Item (WS M for Yellow)
2.) Setup the Item Inventory
3.) Setup your Bootstrapping Box party
4.) Execute the arbitrary code

I can't go through all the details, because it's so long that I have to create a separate thread. I think I will if this gets more attention. So you can watch this instead. If you have Yellow, then check this. The video is very comprehensive and will guide you throughout the entire process. It's a very good tutorial. Make sure you have time when you do this glitch. It is an advanced glitch and ridiculously tedious! It sucks I have to restart Yellow again after all that, but I have a complete team of flawless with my Red so I don't mind.

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