Is it bad I want to see Nintendo eat Sega?


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Feb 18, 2013
I mean I love that Sega has managed to survive in some part, but I also love that they're putting some serious odd games out and Nintendo has a history of weird games... I don't know. Maybe I just want them together in the hopes they can keep on trucking instead of Nintendo finally meeting their end like Atari and all the rest. Also I don't want Sega to finally completely die either. So... yeah.
All I want from Sega are one of two things:
1) Them to get their shit together and make a new console that beats everything next-gen.
2) Stop pumping out bullshit Sonic rehashes and give us Shenmue 3 and localize the Yakuza series faster, maybe come up with a new IP all together for more mature audiences. Let Nintendo have Sonic and move on.
1.) With what money? I mean it isn't just development (although that counts for a lot), it's also production, logistics, advertisment, licensing, and whatever else. Besides which, while I loved my genesis... I wasn't much fond of anything else they put out in terms of a console. Most folks weren't which explains why they fell off when Nintendo didn't.

2.) What is Shenmue 3 and why do you like the Yakuza series? I mean the reason I'm liking their station as game makers is because of things like Mad World and Bayonetta as well as things like Condemed 2: Bloodshot or Condemned: Criminal Origins.
The Yakuza series is excellent and has some of the deepest characters in gaming history, even surpassing those in Shenmue. You can think of the Yakuza games as a much more evolved and refined take on the Shenmue formula.

Personally, I wouldn't mind if Nintendo buys out Sega. But ensures that talented people are working on Sega titles that the company is known for. While Nintendo and Sega may have been strong rivals in the past, the two companies developed completely different types of games.

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