Is it just me or...MAXIMUM CARNAGE!!!


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Jan 29, 2014
My absolute favourite game on Super Nintendo. I'm not sure if it's because of the side scroll nature or sheer beat 'em up style but I've always loved it. I'll admit throwing a garbage can at someone has always been a real life wish but I'm sure that has not influenced anything. ;)

Anyone else?
i had it for the Genesis, it was kinda tough and besides Desert Strike, that is my deepest regret in letting my Sega get away from me. "I can be Venom? For real!!?" That era had some good Spiderman games

Still waiting for the movie. Ever read the book? We DO have a recurring Captain America on tap right now so let's make the movie!
It's not just you (and dustinb12) Joan, Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage is a phenomenal game! It is simultaneously one of the best Spider-Man games of the era (by far), one of the best beat-em-up games of the era (especially in terms of gameplay), one of the best Super Nintendo games in general (I confess that I haven't played the Sega Genesis version of the title), had one of the most impressive soundtracks of a 16-bit game, incorporated cut-scenes that matched the comics it was based on near perfectly, and even had a neato customized red cartridge!

Even though there wasn't much wall crawling and swinging for skyscraper-to-skyscraper, it was first game where I actually felt like I was playing as Spider-Man in a fight and could play as Venom period! It may have been nice to switch between the two characters at a whim, as can be done in the final boss battle, but having the character selection result in a different path through the game was also great! Incorporating the rest of the supporting cast as power-ups that are called to briefly attack the on-screen foes was also neat, although it is kind of funny to have them pop up, fight for about a second, and then run away!

I had a good laugh when the Angry Video Game Nerd eventually played it and was shocked that there's actually a good Spider-Man game, that was made by LJN (his nemesis and the maker of many truly terrible licensed games) no less! ;)

It's a bit of a shame that its sequel, Spider-Man & Venom: Separation Anxiety (based upon the first Venom mini-series) wasn't nearly as good--but was still better than most other Spider-Man games!

As for the Maximum Carnage story-arc upon wish it was based: That arc was a high-water moment of the Spider-Man comics in the nineties, lined up perfectly with my initial comic reading days in junior high, and felt like everything that the earlier appearances of Venom and Carnage that were leading up to that decade! (In retrospect, between that, The Death and Return of Superman, Batman's Knightfall, the soon-to-come Age of Apocalypse in the X-Men books, The Sandman, Hellblazer, the soon-to-come Preacher, The Maxx, Spawn when it first began, etc, etc, etc: I got into comics at the perfect time to become hooked for life!) Looking back at Maximum Carnage now and putting aside my nostalgia for it, I can see its much criticized flaws: that it has too many fight scenes to the point of tedium (which works well for a video game adaptation), that Death-Lok's feel good ray was silly (and, again, the hostile emotions induced in the public by Shriek prior to that point works well for a video game adaptation), and that the truly great Spider-Man arcs were those of decades past (e.g. The Death of Gwen Stacy). Regardless, I still consider it to be a great arc of the era and perhaps even one of the last truly great Spider-Man arcs given what lied in that character's future: the likes of the overlong, convoluted Clone Saga and the insulting abomination known as *shudder* One More Day!

As for a movie adaptation of Maximum Carnage... perhaps as part of a future phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it's much too early at this time for a Maximum Carnage movie. Sony and Marvel only recently worked out a deal to include Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and have yet to actually introduce him, as teen-aged Peter Parker, in one of their films (likely Captain America: Civil War). Once Spider-Man is introduced and established in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they would then need to do the very same for Venom before finally introducing Carnage and his Maximum Carnage!
im a big time Venom guy, and was fired up for Spiderman 3. Anyway.... Who would you get to play Venom, and like myself, do you prefer the huge-muscled Brock or the Ultimate Spiderman style of more like Peter?

You really got me wanting to dig out some old books now!
If-and-when we next see Venom in a live action Spider-Man movie, I would prefer the classic Eddie Brock Venom of the eighties-and-nineties (as opposed to alternatively going with the more recent Flash Thompson Agent Venom to have the films synch up with the current comics and add another character to The Guardians of the Galaxy sub-franchise). However, I don't care if they change the character's origin and the Ultimate version is definitely more straight-forward and streamlined in that regard.

Beyond that, I would prefer that Venom be portrayed by an actor who can pull off both Eddie Brock out-of-costume and Venom in costume (key to casting any costumed comic book character), and who moreover has the same physique as the character had in the eighties-and-nineties comics. As such, at this time, I would vote for casting Tom Hardy as my top pick for the role.

What about Carnage? Going with very similar reasoning, I would lean towards Cameron Monaghan as my top pick. He played a character named Jerome as a very likely proto-Joker in Gotham with a physical appearance and mania that reminded me very much of Cletus Kasady (fitting given that the character was admittedly modeled after The Joker). He's a bit young now, but this movie would be a few years down the road. My second choice would be Jackie Earle Haley.

Oh, and the video game adaptation of this hypothetical superhero movie better be good! (To bring it back to videogames!) Worthy of the title and the great Maximum Carnage game that already exists! Aside from the Arkham Asylum series, I feel like there hasn't been a good superhero based video in a while--let alone one tied to a superhero movie!
yeah i do like the Ultimate origin a lil better, and wow: Jackie Earl Haley would be a great Carnage. he kinda looks like him!
I'm actually convinced that Superman 64 is a truly fantastic game... for Kryptonian players with the strength and speed needed to over-come-what-is-to-us atrocious, unyielding play control! Why, I bet that the graphics are sound are amazing too... if you can see and hear more of the spectra like a Kryptonian can!

A Superman game should make you feel like you're Superman when you play it, not feel like you need to actually be Superman to play it!
I feel like you need to be Superman with Down Syndrome to really exceed in that game. Maybe Bizarro is enough?
"Bizarro am like rings! Bizarro need no other game play! Bizarro 64 number one!"

Actually, come to think of it, if each Bizarro character is the opposite of its counterpart in some truly fundamental way (e.g. Batzarro is "the world's worst detective," Bizarro Flash is "the world's laziest man," etc): then Bizarro Superman 64 just might actually be a truly great game!


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