Is it me or did we skipped SNES nostalgia?


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Jun 25, 2023
It really feels like attempts at capturing the magic of SNES games wasn't really pushed the same way NES nostalgia was back then, and now i feel like we are already jumping to N64 and even Gamecube/Wii nostalgia.
I have yet to see any sort of push at reviving ideas from the SNES era like the world and multiple paths of Super Mario World or the multiple scenarios of Kirby Super Star or the pre-rendered sprites of Donkey Kong Country, which is a shame.
I think that's pretty interesting. I think the main games of the SNES have been made to play pretty accessibly. Things like Mario World, Link to the Past, DK Country trilogy, Final Fantasy etc. They've all been able to be played on greatest hits games or through Virtual Consoles. I think a big part of the N64 is that it had SO many great games, where the SNES had a handful. The only placed you could really get them was on the Wii. The GameCube made some of the best games out there and now that it's 20 years later everyone wants to go back to that GameCube high. But a lot of the games that people love haven't been made to play again any other way. There have been a few, but things like Luigi's Mansion, Wario World, Animal Crossing (the first), Phantasy Star, Harvest Moon AWL (it's finally gotten a remake), Billy Hatcher, Chibi Robo, among a ton of other games are still just in limbo.
I don't have much SNES nostalgia for some reason. I have mostly NES and GameCube nostalgia.
@GamerTower, excellent topic! at the risk of showing my age, my opinion is this: when the SNES came out, i was suddenly too cool for nintendo because my buddies were getting SEGAs. Then the playstation came out and i was still on that kick so i got into those. After the playstation 2 fun wore off, i decided to backtrack and get a gamecube and have never played anything but nintendo since. I came to my senses. So other than backtracking somewhat, i have no real memories of SNES or the 64. i guess we had a lot of good stuff to chose from at that time.
Interesting. I personally wish they added back world paths from SMW where you could choose which level you wanted to go to via two paths.
I will never skip the nostalgic era of the SNES! I still go back and kick it into high gear like it never left! Sega was cool, Playstation was definitely ahead of its time can't lie! But out of all the Nintendo systems to me the SNES is for me!!

I get a little nostalgic for Super Nintendo, but I didn't get one until 2000, so it's different, for me. Most kids I knew, in the early nineties had Gameboy, NES, and/or Sega Genesis, so I got to play alot of those, when I was younger.