Is it worth upgrading to a 3DS XL?


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Nov 13, 2013
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I've never owned any of the XL models of Nintendo handhelds. I had both a GBA and GBA SP, as well as a DS and DS Lite, but never an XL. I know that the extra screen size will be pretty nice, but is it worth buying an XL if I already own a regular 3DS?

I bought an Ocarina of Time limited edition 3DS a while back, and the new Gold Zelda XL looks pretty good too - it'd be nice to have them both. I'm not exactly in a position to buy one at the moment, but I think that I'd pick that model if I was going to get it.

For those of you that have had both an XL and a regular 3DS, is the upgrade worth it?
I don't have an XL but I have played on one and it really depends. The screen is ultimetely bigger and it kind of is cooler on a handheld, but overall for me I have never considered buying an XL because I love the 3DS I have. If you have extra money around and you want a bigger screen then yeah upgrade, but other than you're not missing out on much.
I don't really think so. I prefer having a normal sized portable rather then a big one that won't fit in my pocket.
^ That too. Plus my brother gave me his old nintendo D.S case and if I would have gotten an XL, I wouldn't have been able to use the case.
I got three in a lot: DS Lite, 3DS, & DS XL. Honestly, the least impressive one has to be the XL. I feel like all I'm getting is a slightly larger screen. At least the Lite is backwards compatible with Gameboy Advance.
It depends on personal preference. If you like a bigger screen, then the Nintendo 3DS XL is sure a plus. I have a Nintendo 3DS XL, and I think playing games on it is much better except that the console seems to be bigger and slightly bulkier. Plus, the graphic of some games don't look as same as if you have a regular Nintendo 3DS. I would think the bigger the screen the better for gaming, but the Nintendo 3DS is just as good as it is.
i have an original and my daughter got an XL for xmas. i am very jealous of the bigger screen, but the xl seems to be cheaply made in comparison. everything is plastic, and just makes mine seem more sturdy. add a big pink Nerf case and no, it's not going in my pocket.

i still would get an xl if i could afford one right now. I'm imagining animal crossing on that big screen
As a Nintendo Game Collector. I'm trying to get all the Nintendo Handhelds. I'm still trying to get the DSi XL and the 3DS XL and the 2DS, Also The DS lite And the GameBoy Micro. But I just don't have the money right now to get them. Still looking to get one at a good price.
It will depend on your priorities, but as near as I can tell no. I personally don't see the point as it requires more money for just a bigger screen. The larger size doesn't make it more sturdy, it doesn't add processing power, and it makes it less portable. So yeah I just don't see the point in getting one of these. But that's just me personally.
Well I have the gold XL 3DS, and I have to say to me this feels more like how a handheld console should be! The screen is nice and big, it doesn't feel too uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time and it does feel rather sturdy to me. But if you have a 3DS already, I wouldn't say it's worth the upgrade. It just depends on your personal preference. Really the only difference is it is a bigger screen. I just prefer it.
Some people literally swear by the 3DS XL. Myself? I have no problems with the regular version but I can see myself buying the newer model later on. Every generation of nintendo handhelds I always end up buying 3 or 4 of them. Unless you have a lot of extra money I wouldn't recommend upgrading though.
Yeah I am definitely not upgrading my 3DS to get an XL. I want to use that money for something useful like a new game or something.
Honestly, if you already have a normal 3DS, unless you have a bunch of money it's probably not worth it. Also, like previously stated, the XL is harder to fit in your pocket. Some other benefits of the XL, however, are longer battery life and the start, select, and home buttons are much easier to hit, though that's probably not a problem for most people.
I bought the Animal Crossing 3DS XL and have no regrets! I find the XL easier to hold, plus the larger screens make text easier to read (particularly on games with small fonts like Monster Hunter). The XL is a bit heavier and won't fit into the pockets of any of my pants or coats so I store it in an old makeup bag and stash it in my purse when I go out - I don't find the size particularly inconvenient since I always carry a bag anyway.
If you already have a regular 3DS then you probably won't want to upgrade to an XL unless you have dat cash flow. I have it and it's pretty nice, really. It's not a difference of heaven and hell but it's still noticeable. It just feels like I can see that much better without having to strain my eyes.
It's really not worth it if you already have a 3DS, unless the bigger size really calls out to you. However, the game graphics of some games do look a little wonky, blurry because of the larger screen size that the ports weren't designed for specifically.

As long as you don't have terribly big hands, you're totally fine with a regular 3DS.
No it is not, especially if you already have the 3DS. The extra screen size and graphical improvements are NOT enough to spend hundreds on. Nintendo is hurting for cash and they are counting on people like us to buy into their newest device.
I started out with the Animal Crossing XL, which was good for when my vision started getting bad because I could still see what I was doing. Now that I have glasses, though, I wish I had a regular-size 3DS. They just look nicer, and the XL is kind of cumbersome at times.
If I could afford it I would take an upgrade to an XL in a heartbeat. One of my friends has one and I am extremely jealous I can't afford one right now or probably ever until they drop maybe 200 dollars in price. If I had the spare money for it I would already have one, trust me. Actually at this point probably one of the newer 3DSXLs to be honest or just one of the new 3DS's for that matter. But I do extremely like the larger screen on the XL, for sure since my eyesight is probably starting to go, lol.

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