Is Mario Maker worth it?


Oct 13, 2015
So I am getting a Wii U soon and was wondering if Mario Maker is worth the $60 or if I should wait for the price to drop. The concept is really cool to me but not sure if the game is long enough for full price.
Well, that ultimately depends on how interested you are in creating your own Mario-style games. It's a great and simple tool for Mario-fans and budding game developers. However, with that amount you could purchase an entry-level game engine and make games that are even more complex than Mario Maker allows, on your PC. If you see yourself not making much use of Mario Maker, then it's best to wait for a price drop.
I got it simply because I'm a Mario fan and because it's an anniversary game. To be perfectly honest I see it as a more simple, toned down LittleBigPlanet or Project Spark. While you can create much bigger and better stuff in those two games, it's much easier to create in Mario Maker.
The best thing you can do is watch some YouTube videos and see it for yourself. I know they had it setup in the EB Games or Toys R Us (I forget which) so people could try it in store so that might be worth checking out in your local stores. Other than that, it depends on how quickly you want to play it. A price drop is imminent, as it usually is with new releases, so it's just a waiting game.
If your Wii U is not connected to the internet then no.

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