Is Nintendo still price fixing?

Well truly they are not greedy bastards, they are just doing what every good company should, making prices at least 1.5* what they pay to make them. If you don't do this you won't make enough money to keep the company running. Now nintendo surely isn't greedy whatsoever because it costs about $230 to make a single wiiu with one gamepad. They are selling them for $300. This is only $70 profit on the whole thing. This is not bad profit, but it is not nearly as much as most company's would sell it for. Now if this was sony who had made this product they would have marketed it for at least $400.
Mostly it's because Nintendo games hold their value for a long time and have relatively restricted access (as opposed to games being available on Xbox, PS, and Steam). Many games on Steam will drop from $60 down to $20 within a year, but many games on Steam are also buggy as hell with the developer promising to eventually fix it (but in some cases the game just gets pulled or declared unfixable)
I mean this guy is from the UK and he says that they still are price fixing there. I find it fishy since Nintendo doesn't seem to be fined any other time. I don't know, but that tells me that either the EU commision cannot fine Nintendo again until their 2001 fine comes to a verdict or that he is just lying.

I don't know much about the UK laws.
Oh if so i was talking about something way different XD I'm just gonna stay out of this conversation now.
You should be as mad at the grocery store as you are at nintendo if you are mad at nintendo. We live in a sad era where community pricing is exchanged for "business."

People will say "it's just business" more often then they will say "it's just being a decent person." We favor business ideologies, protect and enforce them, but do not enforce availability and pricing things in a way that make sense on peoples' budgets.

Nintendo is doing nothing different then the grocery store, when did you get to negotiate the price of your apples? Never. The people making a profit are behind a curtain and make decisions from that point, which is why things like price of rent can skyrocket in certain areas, etc. It's a global issue where business and opportunistic approaches outweigh community values that improve quality of life through the effort of individuals and teams. Species vs. superspecies if you are up there enough to wrap your head around it.
That's an extraordinary amount of thought put into something Nintendo knows will sell at the price it's listed at.

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