Is Ocarina of Time: 3D altered/changed? Anything new?


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Nov 1, 2012
I've never had a reason to want the 3DS until now. I didn't know it was remade, but earlier today, a member here mentioned it in a thread I have going in the N64 section.

Does anyone have the 3DS version of Ocarina of time, and is there anything added beyond the 3D effect?
The graphics are basically a generation newer. Some textures are remade, less pixelation overall, higher framerate, and Link has more polygons (not sure about enemies and other characters). You also gain 80 pixels in width, because the N64 game ran in 320x240, and the top 3DS screen is 400x240. In reality the 3DS is pushing out twice as many pixels as that because with the 3D on, you get 400x240 for each 3D layer (for your left and right eyes). I'm not sure if I would play this game with 3D turned on, though.

Swapping items and looking at the map is easy because you have the bottom touch screen now. Makes the dungeons more enjoyable, I imagine. They might have also made changes to the Water Temple to make it less maddening.
This was the first game I bought for my 3DS! Sadly, I can not tell you the difference because I had not played it before. I am a huge Link fan, but amazingly skipped Ocarina untill now. I like it, but hardly use the 3D.
I haven't really noticed any changes that I can remeber really?
But one thing that I was suprised with that I wasn;t expecting was that once I comppleted it 'Master Quest' was unlocked!
If you don't know, Master Quest is a completely new version of the same game, so you play the same Zelda OOT story but it is completely different with all new puzzles, enemies in all the wrong places and the temples are completely changed round! It is excellent and will breath life into even the most seasoned OOT players game.

And of course as it has been said, the graphics are updated. Oh and link jumps different too. He actually does more of a deliberate leap as opposed to the stiff jump he done on the N64.
The engine used for OoT 3D is completely remade. Try redid most of he graphics and changed the physics, mostly the ones used by link. For example, rolling off a cliff to jump further does not work anymore, and there are definitely more polygons in the models that have also been smoothed to give the models a more realistic look. They've obviously fixed most glitches and unintentional shortcuts in the new game that were present in the first. The water temple is also changed to make it a bit easier; the iron boots are now interchangeable in just one tap of the touch screen, and the doorways that lead to areas where you can change the water levels are color coded. The overall gameplay is smoother and there is a noticeably higher frame rate. There are more pixels in the textures as well.

The new version also includes the "Master Quest," which is, to put it simply, a mirrored and slightly harder version of the original game. You lose twice as much health as you do in the normal quest, and there are significantly more enemies in addition to the increased difficulty of the dungeons.

I think it's great to see an amazing Zelda classic remade for the 3DS.