Is PS4 catching up to the 3DS quickly?

You aren't what that guy called you. You are probably the most mature 15 year old I know. I've seen you write reviews using a higher vocabulary than I can, and you are working on a game.

So I looked up sales. 3DS seems to have sold about 58 million total by February while the PS4 sold, like 35 million. You could say that in the grand scheme of things, it's catching up, but certainly not quickly.
Shane is right, you certainly aren't what that guy called you. It shows his lack of maturity that he resorted to calling you that.

But on to the question at hand, assuming the PlayStation 4 stays Sony's main console for a while and they don't release the PlayStation 5 within the next year or two I think that yes it will catch up to the 3DS in sales. Unless you mean game wise, in which case they're totally different since one is a handheld and one is a main console.
Yeah, don't waste time dealing with a guy who uses ad hominem in a debate or discussion. This topic can be discussed civilly, but not with guys like that. :)
Well, console wars are not that good of a topic to have a debate with in the first place. I guess it's best to just avoid this kind of topics lol. Hard not to get salty.
I think you should tell that jackass that he needs to watch what he says. Not only is that just rude, it is not a comparable thing. PS4 is a home consol, while the 3ds is a handheld. There is no way to determine which is better accept by sales. Then im not sure. Just throw some big words at his face and if he doesn't let up with the insults just say "HEY LOOK OVER THERE!" and point behind him. When he looks away punch him in the face. That'll teach im! :D
Well, I think if the NX is more successful than the next playstation, he will pretty much get backlashed extremely hard and he will try to keep saying Sony is #1, Nintendo helplessly. I warned him about that, but he said "It's Nintendo, the fact that the NX will be more powerful than the PS4 and will have 4k resolution is fake, see you later Nintendrone." Yeah, I know there might be a higher possibility Nintendo NX might not be as good as the PS4k, but if it does, he will be crying hopelessly.
Well first off I am glad that the guy was mature enough to have a real conversation with you. Of course I am being sarcastic, and it seems like this guy has enough to worry about in terms of social behavior that I will let him deal with that. People like what they like, and that is how it always will be. I like Nintendo and PS4, and X Box, but they all have strengths and weaknesses. Some people just never get it, I suppose.
Perhaps catching up to sales yes, but if it was being implied that the 3DS is graphically or hardware superior than no, it's not even close. It all depends on which was the conversation and ideas were construed. Then again I can't believe that it has sold more copies, thats news to me.
I personally think that it might be catching up with the PS4 when talking about sales and that sort of things, however, when talking about everything related to performance, components, hardware and stuff of that nature, then I definitely think these are never going to catch up, the PS4 is obviously more powerful and therefore, better than the 3DS when it comes to console gaming, that's my opinion though.

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