Is selling an unopened Wii U with game downloads against Nintendo TOS?


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Apr 28, 2016
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Here’s the situation: I bought a refurbished Wii U + 2 free game downloads (Nintendoland and Super Mario 3D World) bundle directly from Nintendo. I literally only bought this system for Zelda Wii U. Seeing as the NX will release with Zelda, I’d much rather sell my Wii U now and put the money towards the NX.

My question is, can I sell my refurbished Wii U with the game downloads? I have NOT opened the package, turned on the system, registered anything, etc. I saw some posts about selling consoles with game downloads being sketchy (because the games are tied to me?) and even against Nintendo’s TOS, so I’m hoping for some clarification on how I can sell this bundle and not get in trouble.

Thanks so much!
Normally it's taboo. But if you haven't opened the box and the games aren't tied to your personal information, I don't really see a problem?

That being said, are you sure you want to sell it? The NX doesn't come out until March of next year and the Wii U has a lot of good games now. Gamestop will probably run some boosted trade in deal about the time the NX comes out where you could probably recoup around $160 of your money for system tradein.
Thanks so much! I read something about downloaded games always being tied to your NNID/purchasing information, so I wasn't sure if that would be applicable to me or not. Silly question in hindsight, but I wanted to be safe. :)

Yeah, I'm pretty sure. I have a Wii already and my Wii U was always intended to be a Zelda machine since I'm not too interested in any of the exclusives on it. Considering I haven't played the Wii U since I bought it, my 3DS can tide me over another year.

If selling it doesn't pan out, I'll definitely keep the Gamestop trade deal in mind! Thanks a bunch!
Well I would certainly approach with caution, and you should probably do some research beforehand, but I really do not know. If I had to guess, though, I would say that it does violate the TOS, just because that thing is pretty lengthy though and not because I know what it contains at all. Best of luck to you though, and thanks for sharing.

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