Is Sony painting themselves into a corner?


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Feb 18, 2013
Microsoft is the console for apps and connecting with others, Nintendo has the quirky console that is ... different, and Sony is apparently trying to be the console with exclusives. The problem with being the Exclusive console is that those Exclusives have to be a big draw. Like of the various games for the system the only ones I have really looked at are Team Ico's newest, The Last of Us, and Studio Gibli's new game. Because honest it just makes more sense for me to get it for Xbox as that is my mainstay... my lovely fantastically cheap mainstay.

Which brings up another point - Sony's gameplay is making it too expensive. Microsoft provides a big enough library so that they can afford to have tons of "Greatest Hits" and have their stuff get marked down like wow at various retailers. Good luck finding the same for Sony. The games come out expensive and they generally stay expensive and no. Just no. I'm honestly not sure how that can possibly be a substaining plan. Which of course explains why Microsoft edged them out while Nintendo crushed them both.

So yeah... is Sony painting themselves into a corner or will their continued gameplan bear out in the next gen firefight?
Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 are a big enough draw for me. That's enough to ensure I'll eventually get the system. The exclusives was one of the reasons I liked PS2 and never played the original Xbox. I ended up buying a 360 before a PS3 because the 360 had more exclusives that I wanted.

I agree with you on the pricing.
Ah, exclusives... I never really cared enough about the exclusives to really get much use out of my pretty doorstop. I mean I'm more of a deal hunter then someone who drops a bit on this game or that. That doesn't mean I don't put out for some games, but it does mean that I'll generally get them for the system I play most i.e. the 360.
Well esclusive help me decide which system to get usually. I can care less which system is powerful that which. First I go by price and then I make a list of what game each system has that I want and usually pick the one that has more. The differences in graphics was pretty small between the 360 and ps3 so it didn't have any sawy over which on I picked.
I picked the one with the biggest library - so 360. I mean when it came down to it that was the deciding factor over whatever else. In terms of graphics the PS3 is honestly better. In terms of power I haven't seen much difference although I will say the PS3 is less glitch prone. In terms of exclusives PS3 wins, but I can honestly say I don't care about most of their exclusives - the exceptions have generally been for things like The Last of Us and Team Ico's newest game and the Glibli Studio game... most of which isn't on most gamer's radars so yeah. It's a personal choice, but exclusives mattered very little when I ponied up for the systems one by one.
The real problem that Sony is facing right now is that there are not enough compelling titles currently available for the PS4. Of course, that will be changing soon and the games library will improve tremendously. At the end of the day, Sony will come out as the big winner this generation. They've been around the block and they know the industry quite well. They just lost their way a bit in the early days of the PS3 but they came round again.
I realize this thread was posted before the PS4 was even released, but no I don't think Sony is painting themselves into a corner. While I don't think they have enough interesting games yet, it's still very early in the generation and they'll have plenty when it's all over. There's already several PS4 games I would love to play such as Until Dawn, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, and Rocket League. However, like the days of the PS3, they're starting to make a few unsettling decisions such as making PS+ mandatory to play online (I get it, they do what they have to do), raising the prices of it (thankfully not in the USA... yet), and their PlayStation Now service is just plain awful and one of the biggest rip-offs I've ever seen. I wish they'd invest in a backwards compatible service like Xbox is doing but that seems out of the question.

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