Is the 3DS worth it?


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Jul 17, 2013
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So recently I've been quite tempted by the 3DS, there are some very nice titles out like Luigis Mansion , Animal Crossing and Pokemon X/Y, so it is quite tempting and the price is also fairly reasonable in the UK (if you're lucky you can get a new one for about £100). But I'm worried about the longevity, it's already been out for 3 years, so how will it continue being on the market for?
The general cycle of a product has honestly expanded in recent years. That said Nintendo has generally been good about keeping a product going for quite a long time. Going by their behavior in the past I would say that you've got at least 3-4 more years even with the possible introduction of a new product.
It is definately worth it, and it will have a steady stream of games for at least the next 4 years.
Like Banjo said, it is very worth it! The 3DS' life just started basically and will continue to florish. I assume it would be a while until Nintendo will come up with another handheld console. Just like the Nintendo DS Lite, it is still going strong dispite it being out for a long time! I am assuming the 3DS will last for another six years before dying out assuming Nintendo will come out with an amazing product.
That's very good to hear, I am quite seriously considering buying one. One more thing though, is the 3DS XL worth the increased price over the normal 3DS?
Yes, the 3DS xl is definately worth it, the SD card is twice the size, it is more confortable, and the screen is better on the eyes. It is 100% worth the extra price.
It is definitely worth it if you decide to go for the XL of the 3DS. I compared the XL to the reg. and there was a lot of differences. One of the differences is longer battery life. Though I noticed one game is a little bit weird on the XL probably because of the different screen. It really depends if you have the money for it! If you do have the money to go for it, then definitely go for it.
I bought the 3DS for MGS 3D and Resident Evil Revelations, RE:R was later ported to other consoles but it was the main reason for me getting the console, I am now in love with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. I love the console and it's a great handheld, but I do tend to reach for my PS Vita just a little more....however if you're itching for a handheld and you're on a budget, the 3DS is a no brainer at $159.99. :D
It's definitely worth it. While the 3D might be a bit gimmicky to some, it's not uncommon games use it right. While everyone is looking at the 3D aspect of the 3DS, people should really be looking at everything else. It's an improvement in every way to the DS, and even without the 3d it would be an amazing handheld console.
Because there are great names for the 3DS, I believe it to be worth it. It truly isn't going to be out of style for awhile; considering that right now there's a bit of a stop in technology. The only thing they could do is make the graphics better and quite frankly, only a small handful of people will buy the next best thing because of graphics. I believe that it's going to take some before another handheld game can be used.

PLUS, the 3DS is versatile as it's own handheld device along with a controller for another console such as the Wii U.
If I were you I would wait for Nintendos newest DS, whenever it comes out. The 3DS is a cheap gimmick designed to steal your money. The 3D effects are not even that good.
I know a lot people that really enjoying their 3DS. My sister has one and she plays it all the time. I think it all depends on what you want out of a handheld. Personally, I'm getting a PS Vita because it has a lot of games that I want to play, but everytime I play my sister's 3DS I have a lot of fun with it.
I would buy it if your budget is fine. A lot of amazing game include ones you listed. You can always resell it if Nintendo decided to release a new version. But I doubt it will happen. Maybe 3-4 years.

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