Is the New 3DS worth getting?

Should I get the New 3DS?

  • No, get the original 3DS instead.

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Oct 18, 2015
Hello everyone! Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I'm kind of wondering about this and I'd like to hear your guys' thoughts on it. Thanks.

So, as you guys probably know, Nintendo's latest handheld system, the New 3DS, was released about a year and a half ago. It seems to me that it's almost the same as the original 3DS except it has better 3D, is bigger, can load faster, and some other stuff. But, I've also heard it's pretty good. So, what I'm asking about is, is the New 3DS worth getting to you? And if you own it or have played it before, do you still think I should get it sometime? You see, I currently have a 2DS and it's my first and only handheld system I have, so I think the New 3DS or even an original 3DS would be a fairly big change for me as they both have some things the 2DS doesn't, even though I still like the 2DS. So, my full question is do you think, as a 2DS owner, I should get the original 3DS, the New 3DS, or none? And yes, I know the original 3DS isn't the most newest thing they have, but I think it could still be good too. But mainly, I'm asking about the New 3DS. Are either of them good and worth getting? Thanks for reading, and I hope you understand my question! I can't wait to hear your answers!

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i have the original 3ds, which is awesome. I recently got the new 3ds xl and love it! The load times are better, the bigger screens help tremendously. If you're thinking about it, i'd go get the new XL. It made a great handheld super great. I even replayed a few older games just to experience them on the bigger screen. Super Mario 3d Land was great.
I see, thanks for replying and sharing your thoughts on it, @dustinb12! :) Yes, I'll try to check out the New 3DS soon. I actually have Super Mario 3D Land, so thanks for telling me that so I know that it works good with that game. I'm sure the faster loading will help too. Thanks again and I can't wait to hear what any others have to say.
great! ill give another example: i love Mario Golf World Tour, and with the larger screen i can see WAY better. So my golf game has improved slightly and i can see all the backgrounds better. Majora's Mask really really shined with the new XL.

Another fantastic feature, if you like 3d, is the new stability. It finds/tracks your face way easier. With my original i could almost never use the 3d function. I would try with Luigi's Mansion but couldn't for long. Now if i choose, like in MM, i can use 3d at will. This was important to me, because that's a lot of the appeal of the 3ds!
I love the New 3DS XL simply because well, its got the loud speakers from the original 3DS that I love plus with the big screens that I'm a big fan of as well.

Also, you can play SNES games on the go now so double bonus!
Thanks for the extra examples, @dustinb12! I'm not sure if I'm a big fan of the 3D stuff because when I've used it before it seems to kind of hurt my head and maybe eyes, but I'll probably still try to use it. And I'm sure it does track faster than before. :) And @Artwark, thank you for your thoughts! Yeah, its nice that you can now play SNES games on the 3DS, and I think you can also play GameBoy Color and the original GameBoy stuff, which I've never played before. Thanks again for your votes and replies! I appreciate it. ^_^
If you have high-graphic games, then, yes, you should buy the New 3DS, since its loading times will be much faster (I learned this the hard way while I was playing Pokémon Moon).

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