Is the Nintendo 3DS designed for kids?


Apr 20, 2013
Okay guys I don't want to make any 3DS user feel childish and don't mean to offend anybody. I used to play the Nintendo DS, DS lite and 3DS but I grew out of these consoles and in my opinion I think Nintendo designed it for the younger generation. But look at other consoles, I've seen 60 year old men playing ps3 gammes but you would never see a 60 year old man playing with a 3DS mainly because the games are not interesting to them. What are your opinons?
I don't think it's designed for children at all to be honest. Yes the catalog of games may be suited for them but children under a certain age shouldn't be using the 3DS because of it's 3D function. It could/would seriously screw up their eyes at a very young age and that isn't a good thing for a console developer to face. Think of the lawsuits they'd have if a 2 or 3 year old were to be playing it with the 3D all the way up and then the parent complained about their child having trouble with their vision?
How do you know? I mean - you say you don't want to be insulting, but the assumptions you're making... Pretty insulting. I mean me and my uncle like to play it and well... My mother is nearly 50 and all her siblings are at least 10 years older then her. This uncle is like 70 years old man. Then again I don't know what games you play or why - however, I've found that most folks who look down on systems as childish tend not to have diversified their catalog and/or don't really like the system in the first place. The problem with the second line of thought is that because they don't like the system they don't bother looking further then the data that supports their complaints. So yeah.
I'm not going to lie, some of the games on the 3DS should not even be played by kids 13 and under. I mean look at the new Castlvania game tell me that a kids game, haha. Plus its a console gearded towards 80's & 90's children, Star Fox 64, Ocarina of time, Link to the Past sequel, Virtual Console are huge selling points for people to relive the golden age of video games.
No kids under ages of 13 well only cause most of the time they might be glued the the console where it will mess up their vision. know half the time they wont want to read the directions on taking breaks between time periods. And some games don't always seem like its for kids other that those pet ones. so maybe 14 and up would be ok as long as the kid has a good understanding.
Well, I'm 26 ( 27 in July ) and my only handheld is the 3ds.
The games that I like are the games I grew up with like mario, zelda and proper Nintendo franchises.
Aside from the originals I admit, there isn't much doing the 3ds much justice and in my opinion where Nintendo have let themselves down.
I initially thought it was aimed at kids. These days I see more adults using them than I do kids though. I think the 3DS is for everyone. Certain games might be aimed at a particular age groups like some of the more mature ones that people mentioned here but the system itself is all ages.
I think it's aimed for everyone. I actually rarely seem any kids with one though and the kids I do see with them are too young to actually have a say in it, usually some little kids where it's obvious their parents bought it and set it up for them to go play mario or something of the sort. Almost all of my adult friends have one though, Ages 35-21 and we all play together. I have to say that I have seen a lot more adults with one than I have kids.
I don't think the 3DS itself is designed for younger people, but it's definitely tailored for all ages. I think that Nintendo's games in generally are aimed more at younger people, but not exclusively. Nintendo was always my favorite game company, but I sort of outgrew them at one point because the games didn't appeal to me anymore. Then again, I'm not the biggest fan of platformer games, which seem to make up the majority of Nintendo's library. But I still have a lot of fond memories playing the N64, Gamecube, GBC, GBA, and DS.
Nintendo have always projected a family-friendly image. Their intention is to releases consoles, handhelds and games that appeal to families as a whole. Obviously young kids are their prime target, but they also want mom, dad and the grandparents to join in on the fun. The 3DS has always felt like an adequate system for anyone to pick up play, provided they are actually interested in playing games.