Is the Wii U a good purchase?


Oct 11, 2014
Ack...I thought I was in the Wii U forum. Sorry for posting in the wrong section.

I've been thinking about upgrading to the Wii U but I'm still on the fence about it. I wasn't overly impressed with the original wii. It just didn't feel like that strong of a console to me.

Right now the only reason I'm considering the Wii U is because I'd like to play the newest of the monster Hunter games online. I was so sad when the old servers shutdown less than a week after I started getting back into the game.

But, I'm not buying a whole console for one game. No matter how badly I want it.

So, are there a lot of games available for the Wii U? Those controllers look enormous, how's the usability?
depends on what you;re into

Mario kart 8= A+ super fun
Wind Waker HD= A+ and makes superb use of the gamepad
Pikmin 3= pretty cool
Arkham City= very fun
Hyrule Warriors= OMG

i feel your pain, as i refuse to buy a ps4 just for wwe 15 and madden. but with the Virtual console and all, i'll have plenty to do with my wii u. As for the controllers, the gamepad is big but light, and works very well with the games i listed, especially WWHD. i also have a pro controller which is the best remote I've ever held. better than the Wavebird, and they are all rechargeable.

the wii u also slightly upscales the pic and sound of wii games, i was playing Twilight Princess when i made the switch and noticed greatly how much better it sounds.

plus, you know, Smash bros is coming...
I love my Wii U. It's swag. But if you weren't impressed with the Wii, I dunno. The gamepad is fun for anyone.
I think if you are a casual gamer and you are looking to play some fun games whether by yourself or with your family then it is a good console to get because to me the games that I am playing right now are really fun to play.
Wii U is perfect for everyone, and it has a lot of first party support. While it may not be as amazing or revolutionary as the wii was, it is still an amazing console that can go down in history as one of Nintendo's best. It may not look or feel next gen, but the point of a gaming console is fun, and that's the Wii U's specialty.
I bought one last year, and so far it has exceeded my expectations by far! The game play is rich and original, and is something I think all ages can love. Even though the game selection is a little weak right now, the other factors make the purchase worth it.
I agree with you that it's not worth purchasing a console just for one game. It's an enormous expense that doesn't justify itself, especially in this tough economy. Personally, I believe the Wii U offers the best value proposition in the console market, at the moment. It's definitely got a great variety of games that are exclusive to the console. Whereas the PS4 and Xbox One have games that can be found on the PC, at better prices as well.
The Wii U is very underrated. You should get it. I have my Wii U. and I have a 2TB portable hard drive hooked up. You can download NES,SNES,N64,Wii,GBA,DS And tons of indie games. online is free to play with others. The Wii U gamepad is great!!!! There are so many things you can do with the Wii U. If you and one of your family members/friends has the Wii U. You'll be able to video chat with them for free.

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