Is there something lost in playing Gamecube on the Wii?


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Jan 29, 2014
I'm not really sure how I feel about this but it seems different to me. I do have the HDMI cord which REALLY changes the image but it just feels differently playing on the original Gamecube as opposed to the Wii.

Does anyone else feel the same? Perhaps it's just nostalgia?
It depends on the TV you used with your GameCube. Upscaled GameCube games don't look all that great on HDTVs, so it could look more blurry or washed out now that you have it hooked up to a 1080p TV compared to a tube TV or a 480p digital TV.
It's nostalgia but none the less I still prefer playing gamecube games on an actual gamecube myself.
I think it could be a combination of nostalgia and the look of the two systems. Wii has a certain look to it which, may indeed, have something to do with my television as well. I'm on the same page as the both of you though: I prefer the original console. ESPECIALLY when it comes to NES. Despite how tedious it can be dealing with the cartridges, I prefer that to the emulators.
averus said:
I always prefer playing games on the original consoles. It has a certain feel to it :)
Yeah, also insert those little discs in the Wii's big optical drive is kinda weird to me. Besides the Gamecube is adorable and SUPER STURDY.
I don't feel anything is lost personally. There is not advantage; in my mind, to playing on a small screne. With the Gamecube you also get a controller.
Nothing is lost at all. There is pretty much no difference and like previously said your TV can effect how things look.

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