Is Wii U a good system for children?


Jan 19, 2015
I don't have a ton of knowledge about the WiiU so maybe someone can help me out here. I have a friend who wants to purchase a game system for her kids, but she doesn't know which one to choose because she wants something family-friendly. I immediately recommended the WiiU as an extremely viable alternative to the Xbox 360/Xbox One and the PS3/PS4, but she mentioned that she wasn't sure if her kids would like it.

I'm pretty sure her kids (10 and 12) would love the WiiU provided she got them Mario Kart and probably Super Smash Bros Brawl, along with maybe some other things out there. I am just having a hard time convincing her on it. Nintendo produced my first console system and for that I'll be forever grateful to them since a PS1 was more expensive at the time, so I'm slightly a Nintendo fanboy. But most people can agree that most, if not all Nintendo games are for families/are family friendly, so...

The WiiU is a good choice in this situation right?
I think that the console is definitely a good console to get for kids that are within that age range. To me the thing with the Xbox and the PS consoles is that these consoles are for gamers that are hardcore meaning that these are the people that you will spend hours and hours playing hardcore video games where people who play the Wii U are people that are looking to have some good friendly fun. So I would say that you should tell your friend to get the WII U to me I think that it is worth it.
What Gamerboy said. Not only will the WiiU benefit in the long term (the kids will be move active) they'll develop a true sense of awe by using the motion controls to control their character. Then they can swing wildly back and forth and not only burn calories but be good exercise. It's really a double win situation. And it's just good fun.
The WiiU is amazing! It's not only great for children, but it's great for family time in general. My family and I enjoy the Just Dance games along with Nintendo Land together. For children I would highly recommend The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD its marvelous and funny although the puzzle can get a little bit tricky and they may need assistance if under the age of 10.
I also think it's fun because of a lot of the "WII" games being tailored for kids - game night, sports -- activities that get the kids moving around instead of staying in one spot for hours on end.
The WiiU is great for children, its main age demographic is aimed at them! The games are non-violent and easy to understand and play. Lovable characters like Mario and Luigi will have them in love with video games in no time.
I think the Wii U is great for children. My two little brother plays Super Smash Bothers, Zelda, and Super Mario Bros on it. I think the Wii U is so much fun to play on.
I agree that the Wii-U is the way to go. We have PlayStations and Xboxs in our house as well, but we prefer to play family and multi-player games on the Wii. The game selection is much more broader in terms of multi-player, and the games are fun for everyone, not just the kids. In my opinion, the evolving classics such as Mario and Zelda are always good to play regardless of age too.
Yeah, the Wii U is the best way to go if you want a system for kids.Although it also has a few games for older kids, such as Batman Arkham City.
I would, however, not recommend getting it if you're expecting to play most mainstream games on it.Unless you really like some of the exclusives, this system
is primarily for kids.
Nintendo in general has always been the kid friendly, or in plain tern the rate G platforms. They do not push the boundaries like other platforms do. That has been the staple of Nintendo for as long as I can remember., and I'm old.
For the age range of her children a Wii U seems like a great choice. It's very family friendly and has a great variety of games that are fun for kids and the family as a whole. Mariokart and Smash are great as well as Super Mario Bros., Mario Party and others.

What console does her children want? I'm sure if she's looking to buy one they must have some interest in games/consoles and surely there's one they'd prefer. I would recommend the Wii U if her main priority is family friendly games. Other consoles perhaps are a better investment in the long run perhaps if her children aren't big Nintendo fans. They could grow into a xbox one or PS4 as there are family friendly as well as more mature games available, and the Wii U doesn't have that variety.

Not only will the WiiU benefit in the long term (the kids will be move active) they'll develop a true sense of awe by using the motion controls to control their character. Then they can swing wildly back and forth and not only burn calories but be good exercise.

Actually I'd recommend the Kinect for this, the Wii U really doesn't focus on motion controls at all (that would be the Wii). The Gamepad really is the 'new' feature of the console and basically none of the popular games at all require moving in the slightest. (All the Mario Games). Just Dance or any dance exercise game for the kinect would be best for if she wanted to get her kids moving.
Neither the Wii or the Wii U are for the really hardcore gamers, but both are great for kids and have plenty of games they will enjoy. Not to mention the large VC library will let them play some really great classics.
Nintendo have always made their consoles and handhelds with kids in mind. You just can't go wrong with any of their systems if you intend to purchase one for children. I'll even go as far as saying the Wii U is the most kid-friendly console when compared to it's rivals. I think it's also priced just right for budget conscious parents.
It's pretty much the perfect console for children. Almost all of their exclusives are family friendly, as @Damien Lee said it's also the cheapest as well. Plus, most of the M rated third party titles aren't even on it so there so they couldn't play them anyway. Also, the perfect console for Skylanders and Disney Infinity since it's all compatible with the game pad without having to purchase anything else to use them. On that note, amiibos as well.

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