Is Wii U a toy?


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Nov 21, 2013
Is Wii U a toy? If not, why do so many people call it a toy?
Some people have an overwhelming need to justify their own decisions by belittling the decisions of others.

I also think that a lot of people that own a 360 and/or a PS3 secretly want to play Nintendo exclusives like Mario and Zelda, but can't on their own machines. Rather than buying a Nintendo console however, they'd rather just go without, while slating the people that can play them.
Because they called the N64 and GameCube a toy. :)
It's no more a toy than the PS4 or Xbone. I don't really see why some people treat the Wii or Wii U differently. Their marketing might come off as if they are the more 'family friendly' console, but look at the actual game selection and you'll see a huge variety of games and some pretty damn high quality ones too.
R.E.A.L 3DO even made a commercial stating that the Super Nintendo was just a toy in their commercial. But looked what happen. The SNES blew the 3DO console away. It just goes to show that better graphics do NOT make better games.
lol Why is 'toy' perceived as a negative term?

If we're going to take the literal definition than it would be an object that someone plays with. Deriving pleasure from. So, literally, it can easily be defined as a toy without anyone getting up in arms about it. Sounds like nonsensical jibber jabbering to me.
To me anything that is electronic is a type of computer. Lego's And Linchon Logs and K'nex & Action figures are toys. Even a calculator is considered has a computer. if you type in 4004 x2, And hold it upside down. you know what you'll get. Also watch the Movie Revenge of the Nerds 1-4.
showing my age a little here, but didn't they market the original NES as a toy to separate it from the atari and commodore? i know my parents HATED the fact that i love(d) "video games."

it's like Obi Wan said- it's from a different point of view. kind of like all my Mario toys i have on display on the entertainment center. i call them toys, NOT action figures
Nintendo market the NES has a Entertainment System. Not a toy. When Nintendo first made the NES they wanted to sell it in the Largest City in America. And that was NYC. So they went to Toys R Us and said this is not a video game console. But a Entertainment System. So Nintendo made a deal with TRU. They said any consoles you don't sell we will buy them back from you. But the NES turned out to be a hit and TRU. Needed more NES consoles to sell. Since the NES was a hit.
Lol, a toy. I've never heard that one before but that's a good joke. HA.

Seriously, some people are so stupid about hating on nintendo. When they run out of insults they call the Wii U a toy. How tasteless.
I can say the same thing about the Xbox One And the PS4. I can call those toys. lol.
I have always considered Gaming to be a hobby and not really a "toy" per say.. my mom likes to describe it as a "toy" but to me gaming is a hobby and that doesn't count as toys.
Again, why is it 'toy' as a descriptive term is bad? I feel like I have to be repetitious. The literal definition is, clearly, an object that someone plays with. Deriving pleasure from. So, literally, it can easily be defined as a toy without anyone getting up in arms about it. Again: Not. A. Negative. Term. That is unless you find all kinds of ways to make it so. If that's the case, by all means, help a troll bedazzle their bellybutton.
But that means a certain part of my body is a toy too :eek:

I believe the Bible said something about that part of the body being used for sitting.
Because gaming consoles are toys - just like smart phones are adult pacifiers and anything fried is hilariously unhealthy for you. I personally don't have a problem with calling a console a toy (they sell them at Toys R Us for goodness sake). What I do have an issue with is downgrading the Wii U to promote the Xbone or PS4 which aren't something to take more seriously just because they weren't made by Nintendo.
Oh, I agree. However, if you are going to troll please troll well. Otherwise it's a waste.

Nintendo has been in the race long before Bill Gates had a garage so I'm not too concerned about the company other than the ability to drive away from family centric gaming. That IS a pet peeve. Don't lose the classsic characters and, surely, do not put them in M rated games. But open the doors to other companies that want skin in the game. Adults that grew up playing the NES would love more options with the company today.
Let's take a good look at the term of a toy. a toy is something that is not really electronic. like Legos, K-nects, dolls, Action figures.


Let's take a good look at a computer/electronic. The Wii U is a Home console computer that hooked up to any television set. It's microchips,fans,memory, And it needs electricity to run.

The Wii U is a Computer.

A computer is not just a PC/Mac. It's also game consoles and Arcade Machines. humans are at the point in the future timeline where machines,computers are combined together.

But remember this. Today is the robot arm, Tomorrow it can come back and try to kill Sarah Conner.

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