It turns out that I am a Video Game addict

I own over 1,700 Nintendo games. How many do you own?
Yeesh. I am at 522 total games. Tho it was never about numbers for me. Every game I own I love and carefully picked out. I'm fairly selective. Maybe we should have a collection thread lol
Sadly I'm only at about 600 or so. And I made a thread about posting your game library but everyone ignored it.
Seeing as you all own like hundreds and even thousands of games, how many of them do you still play on a regular basis? I'm sure that like you say @Segata it's not about the amount of games, so it won't be about how many games you actually still play, I'm just interested to know with a collection that big, how do you know what you feel like playing?
I will try my best to play all of my games. When I do play them I will record my game play for my Let's Play videos.
I'm so proud of you bro, it takes a lot to admit an addiction. Unfortunately there is no rehab for gamers, you gotta play and play to get over this addiction.

I think it's a great thing that you play a lot games because I also play a lot of games. Now if you were spending all of your money on games then yeah, you may need to get some help. I found this one retro shop inside a mall I never been to and they had mostly old consoles and video games.

It was the coolest play I had ever been, but they wanted on average $20 plus per game and we are talking about the SNES and N64 games. Ridiculous prices, I found Diddy Kong Racing for $44.99. I wanted, but those prices were disgusting.

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