It's Time To Start Hitting the Game Stores!

Thomas Ennis

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Jun 24, 2013
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I think it's just about time for me to start hitting the game stores for Wii games. It seems to me, that I may be able to find an assortment of games under 10 bucks. We have a few local stores, that specialize in mass quantities of preowned titles. I am going to plan a trip! Are you guys getting good prices now?
Been getting ton of Wii games for great prices. a few I got for 86 cents in their original cases. Some for less than 5 bucks. But for Pandora's Tower is 59.99 since it's going to be a rare game. I'm lucky to get The Last Story for the Wii.
Umm who wants my copy of Boom Blox or whatever it's called?
That's not a bad idea. You'd be surprised how many used and even new games you can find really cheap in stores like that. You're really lucky to have some of those so near to where you live.
Is Xenoblade easy to find in stores now ir is still astronomically expensive and only available online? I think I have everything else I coud want for my wii.
Where I am living there is a store that you can pick up at least four used wii games for about $20. That's about $5 per game. I think I have to get a few more wii games. I hardly play my wii anymore and spend most of my time playing my xbox 360 and my PS3. The only bad thing about buying wii games so cheaply is that sometimes you can go out and buy a game and when you get home the game doesn't even work. I say this because I remember when I bought The Legend Of Zelda : Twilight Princess and til this day that game has never worked on my wii. So you still have to be careful when you are purchasing.
games i want but never got:

Mario Sports Mix
Kirby's Return to Dreamland
Mario Super Sluggers

I love the mario sports games, I'm hoping you guys can maybe rate/suggest these games to me. i just hope the motion controls didn't suck for sluggers.
ok now the games I got that you should:

A Boy and His Blob
Fortune Street
Metroid Other M
Kirby's Epic Yarn (to play with young children)

Fortune Street is the most underrated game imo, my wife and I put in well over 100 hours. Its a monopoly style board game, overflowing with strategy and of course Mario people. Not often i can get a game the wife will play with me
I believe this is because they're trying to get rid of the Wii games to make way for all those Wii U games that...nope, I can't finish that. They're probably realising they aren't making much money from the Wii U so are trying to push the Wii games, and remind people that they run on the Wii U too.
You should also look at Gamefly - they sale used games for pretty cheap, and they also sell new games for pretty cheap at times. And no you don't have to be a member to take advantage of their sales - at least I haven't been a member and have bought things.
I have been picking up some cheap WII games myself and there are also some good websites that you can look at if you are looking to pick up some good games on the cheap.
If you do not have access to used game stores like GameStop, I would recommend flea markets and pawn shops. There are a lot of games in those stores, and you can usually negotiate the price a little lower than the sticker. The only danger is that the game would not work, but most decent flea markets will allow you to test the game before you buy it. I don't know as much about buying from a pawn shop, but I have definitely seen them for sale there. Happy hunting!
I'm sure that since the game system isn't as popular as it once was that they are selling all these games now super cheap. I find that's the time that you can get the best games because they are so cheap. I did this before when the PS2 wasn't having games made for it anymore. They just want to get rid of all those games because otherwise there is nothing that they can do with them. You can find some great deals there.

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