I've been playing Pocket Monsters on Game Boy emulator

Lionel Rosen

May 22, 2020
I have the Red Version in Japanese. Does anyone recommend a game like Pocket Monsters?
Are there other games like Pocket Monsters?
that bgm is really high pitched and screechy
8-bit sound is music to my ears, I can listen to it hours.
I am trying different emulators now to see if there is a difference. Any recommendations?
So far, after trying no less than 6 emulators. Higan seems best with sound. Here is ポケットモンスタ.
And now I got curious. I read the entire Nintendo Engineers Manual for Game-Boy.
It wasn't as involved as the manuals for ATMEL chipsets and got right into OBJ handling and bitmaps.
Which was rather strange. And nice!


Chapter 3, Page 79 deals with the sound specific operations of the device. 4 Types. There's 2 pulse waves, 4-bit channel and noise.
I had to purchase my copy from E-Bay. A seller is distributing directly from Japan. At least the original version from サトシタジリ。「Satoshi Tajiri]

For some more nostalgia. The engineer behind Red and Blue versions was 森本茂樹

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