I've been scammed on Ebay


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Sep 26, 2015
I bid on a 4 Switch A/V modded Atari 2600 & won the system for $6.05 I waited for over a month and never received my item. The seller did give me a tracking number and the site to track the package. but the tracking number didn't work. I've contacted the seller many, many times. But not one single replied back from him. So on 01/08/2018 I contacted ebay the seller account was closed. and I sent out my report. I know 6.05 USD isn't that much money. It is to you when an ebay seller tries to scam you. So I sent out my report to ebay. went to sleep. the next money I woke up with an email of ebay stating that they HAVE refunded me my payment through paypal. These type of people who scam others online make it harder for us honest people to sell there stuff online. This really brings my Urine to a boil. These scammers will do anything to get a free penny from you. If they worked hard at a real job they could have a better life. But this (Words cannot express what I'm thinking of now.)
im sorry to hear that, and yes 6.00 IS a lot of money. Terrible
@dustinb12 I don't scam people I sell items that people will get and I hope that honest people like me won't be taken for a scammer. I really dislike these scammers. But at least my Paypal account has been refunded.
That stinks! I've only been scammed once. It was for a guitar signed by Martin Barre (just look him up xD) for $120. It was the impossible find! And by impossible I mean literally... Long story short I got the money back so everything turned out fine. I kind of thought it would be something like that, but who knows. I once got an 8.0 comic book signed my Mike Zeck for $40. Dreams do come true!
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I don't do much on ebay. Used to years ago, but not much now. I did get a little scam though as a seller once. Tried selling my snowmobile on ebay. Winning bidder won for $3K but never actually paid and wouldn't respond to emails. Crappy thing was it cost me $40 because of the price of the sale. Ebay took my money and never responded to any of my attempts to contact them. Finally gave up.

This was years ago and I've never really done much with ebay since.
It needs to be Illegal for ebay to charge sellers to list items when there are also tons of Buyers who scam the sellers. I sold a Wii U Gamepad that works 100%. It turned on, it synced to my Wii U system. I didn't need it. So I sold it on Ebay. A buyer bought the Wii U game Pad for her Sons Wii U. And claimed the GamePad didn't work at all. even When I tested the GamePad to make sure it work. The buyer got a full refund I was charged for the listing and for the shipping. Ebay needs to do something about these Buyers that scam people & about the sellers that scam people... ebay is turning into YouTube. And that is very bad.

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