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Oct 15, 2012
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This topic is for speakers and students of Japanese of any level. If it becomes popular, we can split it up into topics for beginners and advanced/native speakers.

ありがたおうございます! Actually, Professor E. Gadd's Japanese name is オヤマー博士 (Dr. Oya Maa), which is probably a nod to his creator, Yoshiyuki Oyama. :)
I think this is a great thread except I know little Japanese. I have considered taking it maybe at a community college sometime, so I can learn!
Wow! I'm currently using Tae Kim's Guide to Grammar for learning Japanese. What did you guys use to learn and how long have you each been studying?
Pimsleur, JapanesePod101, Japanese friends, traveling to Japan, anime, and imported games. :)
I've always thought it would be a cool job to translate Japanese games into their American counterparts, but I have no idea where to start learning. I considered taking classes at my local university, but that seems kind of pricey compared to other options. I know common words (audibly) from watching anime, but I can't grasp the sentence structure. I'll have to try some of the things you suggested crunchyg.

Funnily enough, I've been to Tokyo, but only for one night until I flew into Bejing. But I love the culture and the language itself.

This thread is a great idea, though! Maybe I'll learn some and post something helpful here later on.

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