Just bought 2 used Wii games for 8 bucks

Aug 27, 2013
Nintendo 2DS
Gamestop is selling Wii games for great prices. I guess they are trying to get rid of them. So my Wii game collection is growing and so is my Nintendo game collection. I might head to Game eXchange tomorrow to get some NES,SNES,N64,GCN & Wii games. The games I bought are Jumper: Griffin's Story & Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
Is this a region specific sale? I've been to my local Gamestop lately and I have not seen anything like what you are describing. Could it be that it's a particular store? Their website doesn't seem to have any deals.
I live in the east side of the US. Not to far from New York City. The Gamestop that I go to has tons of Wii games they want to get rid of. Sometimes they have buy 2 get 1 for free sale. or buy one and get one free.
I guess Gamestop thinks the Wii U is way better, and so they're getting rid of their extra Wii games. It sure is nice for people with the Wii though. I can still find really cheap Wii games on Amazon and Ebay however, so I won't be going to Gamestop unless they decrease the price a bit lower, since the gas costs a lot to get there for me.
I don't mind buying used games in the least, so I really wish we had Gamestops where I am from. :(

With the release of all these next-generation consoles, of course the price of the older ones are going to drop. The same can be said for games: the longer the stores keep these in stock at their original prices, the more the chance is that they will go unsold. Even selling at a discount price now would be enough to at least recoup whatever they had put into those products in the first place.

This isn't what we should really be discussing though: we should be discussing how we can benefit from this, and where the best places to buy games from now are! :D
Yeah I went to the US about a month ago and over there at gamestop they really have some good deals on wii games and I took the opportunity to pick up some games that I ha always wanted.
Wow that is really cheap, you lucked out on a great deal. If I were you I would go back to that store and ask if you can get any more games for cheap, you never know what might work!
It seems like video game stores will soon go down the same road that video rental stores have traveled. With so much available to purchase as digital downloads, I wonder if stores like GameStop see the handwriting on the wall and are trying to get whatever money they can out of the console-type games. I still play the Wii and don't have a need (at least not now) to upgrade to a newer system, so I am always looking for good Wii games at decent prices. Another good place to search for them is in flea markets. I visit flea markets occasionally because I am a coin collector, but when I shop, I also look for Wii games. If you look closely, you can score some pretty good deals!
Wow, that is awesome that you were able to get them for that much! That is why it's always good to get games when they just don't want them anymore. I remember when they were selling all the old PS2 games super cheap because no one was making games for them anymore. I mean if you still play with these old devices then you can get some good games that are so cheap. I usually try to not spend full prices on games unless I really want them, so sales like that are amazing.

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