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Nov 19, 2016
Hello All,

I had the first three Nintendo consoles growing up. Finally came back to the Nintendo scene getting a Wii U this week (yes I know Switch is coming out soon). Looking forward to playing the giant backlog of games I missed and even a couple of the legacy games I loved as a kid.

I got Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D World. Gonna pick up Twilight Princess HD and possibly Super Smash Bros.

I did notice on the eShop there are a handful of Pokemon games I can play on the Wii U. I've never played a Pokemon game (did a little Pokemon GO though). Is there one that anyone would suggest I try out on the Wii U?
There is a LOT of very good games on the Wii U, especially from the back catalog of DS, GBA, NES and SNES games.
@grahamf - Do you have any Pokemon experience? Are any of the Pokemon games available on the Wii U any good? I just have nothing to go off of when it comes to that IP.
I have basically no Pokemon experience. I did play a little Pokemon X when it first came out as my first game, but I only got to the first temple and could barely make heads or tails of it.

The only Pokemon game I have on my Wii u is the one with all the wind up toys, but it's not a true Pokemon game and sorta runs like it expect you to have the Pokemon and the moves and types memorized already. At this point I either would have to either start from the beginning with a GBA release, or wait for a reboot of the series that simplifies the rules again.
myself, not much Pokemon experience but if i may make a few out of the box suggestions: Ducktales Remastered. Exceptional platformer. Wind Waker HD. (my fav game ever.) Splatoon is ridiculously fun, although i think its about to run its course. Captain Toad and Yoshi's Woolley World may look kiddie, but they're not. Very fun challenging games. And of course all the old reliables are great: MK8, Smash Bros, Mario U, Mario 3d land.

I see you're interested in Twilight Princess. That is what I'm currently playing. I'll assume you haven't played before so go on and get it, its a great game. The problem i have is it doesn't seem to be a great improvement on the wii version. Its prettier and sounds better but thats it. I do highly suggest it if you've never played it. But Wind Waker is a little bit better of a Zelda. Both are must plays though. Hope this helps!
Lego City Undercover is a great game, Lego Batman 2 is pretty similar but with a much better coat of finish (the other Lego series games vary, Lego marvel is good, Lego movie and Hobbit are kinda bad).

Many many indies are good. Stick it to the Man makes good use of the acellorometer, Armillo is fun, Little inferno is great if you have a twisted sense of humor, and the list goes on and on. I have 300-500 games on my Wii U...
a few out of the box suggestions: Ducktales Remastered.

Duck Tales! Woo Hoo! They totally stole that song from Hall and Oates xD
Thanks for some of the great suggestions guys! I've play a lot of the Lego games, but not Lego City Undercover. I'll have to check that out.
Oh yeah, played tons of DuckTales as a kid lol
A few more games to download, will be AVGN Adventures, The Falling, The Swapper, UnEpic, etc for indie. You should buy a 2TB Hard drive to hold your games on. That's what I do.
i think I'm about to clean house on wii u games as they get cheaper. i always wanted to try Wonderful 101 and Lego City but never did.
Most of my Wii U games are digital, I also have 259 Wii U Virtual Console & Indie games.
Its been awhile since I have been on here. But your post caught my eyes. I bought my Wii U a little over a year ago and I still love it till this day. Even though I am more of a PC Gamer my console of choice is the Wii U. I was going to buy a Switch when it came out but I am going to wait a little while. But here are some of the games I play on my Wii U.

Mario 3D World (Finished)
Super Mario Bros Wii U (Finsihed)
Super Mario Maker
Child Of Light (Finished)
Rayman Legends
Call of Duty Black Ops II & Ghost
Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze (Hard Ass Game)
Yoshi's Wooly World (Finsihed)
Shovel Knight (P.I.T.A Game)
Ducktales Remastered (Finished)
Wii U Sports
Trine 1 & 2
Tekken Wii U Edition
Bayonetta 2

These are just some of the games I play and have finished most of them. Check some of these out. They are all really good and fun. Especially that Yoshi's Wooly World. But beware cause that game is HAAAAARD...lol
^yes, Woolley World was a bit tougher than it looked. An awesome game! Ill admit, I'm scared of Donkey Kong
Lol! I'm stuck at the end of world 2. It drives me nuts that for some reason I'm totally incapable of beating it...lol
Did you mean Wooley World, or Donkey Kong? I got through all of Yoshi's Wooley World no problem, but I gotta admit, Donkey Kong Tropical Jungle Freeze (if that's the one you mean) was definitely quite frustrating to control, and I haven't even got past the first level on either, so don't feel bad, you're not alone!
However, it's a shame, because it's quite beautiful done (graphically, in terms of how it looks), but I admit it can get a bit annoying to play, so while I've owned that game one WiiU for years now, I have so far only ever dipped my toe in. (I do keep meaning to go back and play it fully one day, but so many other games I wanna play right now, so it does tend to keep getting pushed further back in the queue)
Ohhhh I was definitely talking about Donkey Kong....lol I might have to get on Donkey Kong tonight when I get home from work and play it some more before season 10 starts for Diablo 3 tomorrow.

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