Just got a Wii U

So I ended up starting fresh on Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze last night...lol World two is a real pain. Level 2-1 ate up like 12 of my lives o_O It was the first time in awhile I spent hours on my Wii U. It actually felt pretty good.

I did shop around on the Nintendo eShop last night and found they dropped a lot of prices on some really good games. I ended up buying Ogre Battle 64. The Ogre Battle games are probably my favorite turn base games with a killer soundtrack. Ogre Battle for SNES was the best. And they did do a reboot of it for PS1. Final Fantasy Tactics is second or even tired for first with Ogre Battle. :)

And i've been enjoying chatting with all of you as well.
Ohhhh I was definitely talking about Donkey Kong....lol I might have to get on Donkey Kong tonight when I get home from work and play it some more before season 10 starts for Diablo 3 tomorrow.
Cool! Not seen any of the Diablo series, so always good to have recommendations!
@HyruleWarrior @Diablo925 yes, Donkey Kong! I would love to have it (Tropical Freeze), but after Returns on wii, yes i am scared. That is some serious challenge. I may still get it one day.
I've still not payed the original wii version yet. Most of the Donkey Kong games I've played fully so far have been DS and 3DS titles. Some of those were really good though.
@kkusu5591 same here! the most pokemon i've played is one afternoon of Go. Just never got around to trying one out. I always figured, they gotta be good fun if they release them 2 at a time.
Idk. Make sure you figure out which one isn't working, the one in the GamePad vs the one in the console. Usually it's the GamePad's that fails slowly over time (shorter range)
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