Just got my dock cover to prevent scratches on my switch from docking/undocking


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Mar 13, 2017
Wii U
Hey guys,

Just got this pretty cool dock cover for my Switch! It's pretty cheap on Etsy ($13) and it'll prevent your screen from scratching ... here's a link if anyone's interested.

ID is Activepatch just in case link doesn't work!
Those are really awesome stuff! I just went for the obvious route of a screen protector from Orzly but damn those look amazing!!
was thinking the same thing as lordred the screen protector route does more for your system and solves this problem....i will also agree i like those but i like my zelda skin that came with my copy of zelda.
Those are really cool designs. When I get my Switch maybe I'll check them out.
TBH a screen protector should be good enough. I've put it in the dock many times and I haven't seen a scratch on my system's screen yet (touch wood lol).

I am currently using this set-up and it works a treat :)
Looks like they've changed the packaging slightly since I got mine! I got the exact same ones as you, but the packaging design on the screen protectors looked like you were able to open yours like a book. (The one I got from the exact same people was like a closed box, and the printing on it was a little different). But the actual items inside were fantastic though. So no biggie! (I ordered mine quite early on though, so most likely the ones you got was the newer ones). I wish they had Amazon Prime switched on back then though. I had to get mine direct through the seller, and there's no tracking info on stuff like that. But both of these seem to have proper Amazon Fulfilled shipping options now, so at least it looks like Switch accessories are starting to get slightly easier to get.

Lets hope all the switch stuff starts to get that way! One of the four Zelda cases I also pre-ordered ages ago has finally been put into "preparing to ship" status though. However it has been like that for the last 3 days now, and I'm starting to get a little worried that the other three I ordered keeps getting their amazon pre-order dates getting put back, so it looks like they're having real supply problems on those still. (Not surprised though, it is Zelda) but at least I've actually got something to use in the meantime.

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