Kellogs Super Mario Odyssey Cereal with scannable amiibo for Nintendo Switch


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Oct 23, 2017
The first ever Nintendo cereal in 25 years since the Nintendo Ceral System cereal, is being made by Kellogs with official Nintendo branding. The cereals box is themed after Super Mario Odyssey, and the cereal inside the box is much like a Mario themed version of Lucky Charms with the marshmallows being Mario themed.
The box in my opinion is the coolest part, and is much more interesting then the cereal. The box contains a scannable amiibo that will give you something in game in Super Mario Odyssey if scanned with a Nintendo Switch.
The cereal is set to hit stores starting December 11th, and I have only so far seen news about the cereal being sold in the USA, so doubtfull it will be sold outside the USA. From the news I've seen, I've only seen Walmart and Target listed as the stores selling this cereal.
Also, accordig to one non Nintendo news article I read, it stated that Nintendo is not sponsoring this Kellogs cereal, and that the branding is being self funded by Kellogs. Therefore, Nintendo is only giving Kellogs the rights to use there characters and name on the box, and Nintendo is not trying to make there own cereal and trying to get a company to produce it, instead the company Kellogs wants to make the cereal and has gotten Nintendo to allow them to do so.

For more info and images of the cereal and the cereals box and box art, check out this news article on the official Nintendo website:
@MilkBone That first line means a lot to me. If I could like more than once, I would xD
Haha thanks! I have to go to target tomorrow cuz they double charged me when I bought Mario kart on Monday. (Long story). If they have it in stock I’m gonna get a box. I’ll let u know how it is
There was none at the target I went to. Dang!
I went to the nearest Walmart and Target to me, to see if they had the Super Mario Cereal. Neither of them had it the cereal, but it does look like people are selling boxes of it on Amazon, and since I have Amazon Prime, I think that would be my best option, since although some people are charging way to much for there boxes of the cereal, the cereal is still being sold in some stores, and so the price for a box of this cereal is fairly low, and some people on Amazon have boxes being sold for a reasonable price.
I bough two boxes of the cereal from Amazon for around $18 USD from a seller who's stock has since all been bought. I am keeping one of the boxes unopened and nearly untouched, with the Amiibo scan never used to collect and sell many years from now when I need the money if I ever do, and if not will pass on to my kids if I have any or to some relatives to sell themselves at some point. As for the other box, I have already opened it and ate some of the cereal, and used the amiibo scan multiple times. I bought my cereal from the page @MilkBone linked to, and wish I'd waited just a little bit, because now the cheapest cereal offer is only $12.56 USD. It doesn't really matter all that much, since the box I plan to collect will most definitely increase in value and rarity over time, and I could likely easily sell it for much more then $18 USD, as is the case with the only other Nintendo branded cereal, the Nintendo Cereal System, which is super rare and worth 100's of dollars since Ralston Cereals stopped selling it.
@MilkBone I could tell the cereal was made kind of cheaply based on the taste. The cereal and it's marshmallows had not much flavor to it. If you've ever eaten a cheap cereal with marshmallows, the non marshmallow pieces tasted like any other cereals, and were fairly bland. As for the marshmallows, they had less flavor then I expected, because I'd originally expected them to have a decent amount of flavor in them, even if they used weird non natural ingredients to achieve the flavor. Marhsmallows in cereal can come in many different flavors between cereal brands, as they try to flavor those parts, but rarely flavor the non marshmallow pieces. Overall the cereal tasted a bit bland and lacking flavor but that might have had to do with the price the cereal was being sold for, as some people on Amazons reviews said they got this cereal for $4 and $5 USD in stores. I could also the cereal was cheap after eating it, but I kind of expected that also due to the price the cereal was being sold for. The only other cereal with marshmallows I've ever eaten before this was a box of Booberry cereal around Halloween a few years ago, which I though tasted terrible, and compared to that, I liked this cereal a lot more and if I had to, I'd eat another bowl of this cereal without any trouble with how it tastes. Although I rarely buy cereal with marshmallows in it because of the nutrition facts, and all the sugar and fake colors and other fake unhealthy stuff usually put into them, and would try to avoid eating this cereal again because of all of that. As for the amiibo scan, it worked just fine and I had no issues using it. I scanned it multiple times, and found you can use the cereal box scans in game features as many times as you'd like. I still have yet to complete the activities on the back of the box. I liked the cereal a lot despite how lacking in flavor it was, which might be due to the cheap price the cereal is being sold for in stores, and liked it probably because of the stuff they put in it to make the stuff taste good despite having any real obvious flavors in it. Don't expect this cereal to taste like the best cereal ever, as that clearly wasn't the case, although don't expect it to suck terribly either, as although it wasn't to great, it wasn't the worst cereal I've ever eaten in my opinion. Don't expect it to be much better then other marshmallow cereals you've eaten if you've ever eaten any before since this cereal is pretty cheaply made. That is my review and opinion of the cereal.
So it's basically store brand Lucky Charms? Okay, I feel fine about just leaving my box unopened, then. Lol.
Has anyone had any trouble getting the Amiibo on the cereal box to scan? Both my son and I tried with his Switch and neither one of us have been able to make it work. My son has scanned his other Amiibos to scan fine, but for some reason the Amiibo on the back of the cereal box won’t scan.
@Brian I had no issues when I scanned my cereal box. You want to touch the part of the box were the amiibo icon is on the back of the box to the joystick that has the NFC checkpoint. You also want to activate the amiibo scan screen in the game Super Mario odyssey, as it only works when that is open, as any other time the game will not expect an amiibo to be scanned and will not do anything if any are scanned. Hope this works.