Kid Icarus Uprising Tournament Ruleset (2017)

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    This post is for competitive interests and for those looking for a new scene to get into
    Kid icarus uprising is a scene that I'd like to revive and hopefully completely revive for the few who may see this spread this post as much as possible.
    As for now these will be the rules and are subject to change within reason.

    -- Kid Icarus Uprising Light vs Dark (2017) Ruleset --
    Basic Rules:
    Time Limit: 8 Minutes
    Items: None
    Handicaps: Off
    Team Life Gague: 1200

    tournament sets:

    The in tournament games will be in Bo3 in bracket and Bo5 in semi's and GF's

    --- Kid Icarus Uprising Light vs Dark Powers Ruleset ---

    The powers are made for aid in-game and do help factor in who wins a game and who doesn't.
    Naturally there are and need to be changes into what is legal and not for use to make the game easier to adapt to and more fair.

    These powers will be banned:

    Energy Charge

    a big reason of why some of these are not allowed is because of delayed reaction time since the servers can lag
    therefore not giving the right chance to react and counter the powers.
    ---Kid Icarus Uprising Light Versus Dark Ruleset---

    Stages Rules:

    Stages will be chosen in a fashion similar to smash
    The order will go this way: starter, counterpick and final
    The teams will play rps for a pick on the starter

    Starter Rules:

    To pick the first stage the team who won in rps will ban a stage they don't want to play on from a pick from the 3 starter stages
    The other team will pick another stage to ban the stage remaining will be the one chosen for play

    The starter stages are:

    Rail Temple
    Spiral Tower
    and Ancient Fortress

    Following this round, the winning team bans 3 stages
    the losing team picks 1 of the 3 stages left as a counterpick stage

    These counterpick stages are:

    Twilight Stratosphere
    Cave of Spirits
    and Windy Wasteland

    Finals Rules:

    ---This only happens when a team wins against the other team in the second round after losing the first---

    In this final round the team that won the last round will have a ban on 3 stages
    The losing team has a ban on 3 stages and picks from the 2 left

    These finals stages are:

    Twilight Stratosphere
    Cave of Spirits
    Windy Wasteland
    Rail Temple
    Spiral Tower
    Ancient Fortress
    Starlight Observatory
    and Lava Basin

    In the case of a best of 5:

    Game 4 and 5 will follow the same format as the finals round
    as well as the way the dominance in stages picks switch between teams
    --- Kid Icarus Uprising Light vs Dark Weapons Ruleset ---

    Weapons can be hacked with things like hex editors so to counter these there will be a value limit

    Here are the Basic rules for weapons:

    To have a six star Ranged and Melee stat on a weapon it must have at least one nerf (shot defense -2, speed -1, etc.)
    No buffs on a weapon over +3 (that means no speed +4 or shot defense +4 and definitley not overall defense +8)
    and finally
    No weapon value over 299

    There is a discord for those interested here:
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