Kim Kardashian Game...why God?


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Jan 29, 2014
I don't understand it. Are there tweens & teens everywhere just waiting to throw their parents money on nonsense within this piece of garbage? What makes you want to play something that's so utterly ridiculous? Is anyone here willing to confess to playing?
Meh, from a marketing perspective her TV show has a wide enough audience and various other products with her name slapped on it have sold well enough to justify an incursion into the wealthy video game market--and incursion that I vaguely recall hearing has been quite successful. I can only respond to that popularity as I do to the popular of other such low-grade pap: there's just no accounting for taste!
It's probably cheap to make and people are stupid enough to buy it. Some will actually buy upgrades. If there is a profit to be made, someone will exploit it.
Kim Kardashian has millions of fans, plenty of young and impressionable girls will lap up anything with her brand. Mobile devices are the perfect platforms considering how well they've penetrated this demographic. Therefore, it doesn't surprise me why the Kim Kardashian game has done so well. Fortunately, serious game fans will not go anywhere near this title and just see it for the pointless cash cow that it is.
My friend is completely addicted and often makes me some summaries of her "adventures" lol
I never saw the appeal of Kim Kardashian and company, to be honest, and I only know her because of Kanye West (another person I don't really care about).
lol, this is actually a thing? That's rather strange. I'm out of touch with culture though.
I have a confession. I PLAYED THE GAME.

Of course, I didn't throw any money at it, but I did play it for a while. At the beginning I was just curious to see what on earth it was about, then I got tired and embarrassed of playing it. There isn't any amount of playing involved, no options basically to affect the gameplay.
I played it once because I was kinda curious, I wanted to find out what the game was about and well, I did not like it. I definitely did not throw any money, but I somehow wanted to support Kim and her sisters, aha, sarcasm.
Making money make sense! I say if they are dumb enough to fall for it, then they deserve it. If those people want to fork out their hard earned cash on such a silly game, then let them. It's their choice. Personally, I don't have time for such.

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