Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories worth playing on Nintendo DS?

Which system will you be upgrading to in order to play Kingdom Hearts 3?

  • Playstation4

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • XboxOne

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  • I have already upgraded to Playstation4, now awaiting the game :)

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  • I have already upgraded to XboxOne, am super excited it will be for Xbox :)

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  • I will not be upgrading period for this game, just not that interested.

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  • Still undecided, maybe need to play some friend's consoles to figure it out :)

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  • Other/Undefined

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Feb 17, 2015
North MS, U.S
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I just finished playing Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Rebirth/Reverse on the 3 game HD Final Mix for Playstation3. I must say, it was much longer than I expected (especially since you HAD to play Riku story just to fully unlock all Cards and Keyblades in the Sora story). Yet it had a good story and served its purpose- to fill in the story gap between Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2. However, I never attempted this game on Nintendo DS due to the negative feedback about complicated game play? I did find the cards somewhat of a challenge at first, but once the functions and upgrades were understood (and appropriate leveling was reached for boss fights) it became easy.

For anyone that played the DS version, was it very difficult/different from the Playstation3 version? Just trying to figure out if it is worth my time to purchase and play on the DS version, although I am assuming at this point it will be redundant.
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