Kingdom Hearts - Dream Drop Distance


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Dec 15, 2013
Who's played it?

I'm only at the second world but I'm curious what other think of the game?

I'm loving it so far but the only other kingdom hearts I've played was Original GBA Version of Chain of Memories.
I have heard alot of negative things about this game, compared to the original Kingdom Hearts game for Playstation 2. The same for Chain of Memories. Due to those negative remarks, I did not play either one until about a week ago. I finished the Rebirth/Reverse Chain of Memories that was released for Playstation3 on the 3 game HD remake, and I loved it. It was not the same as the regular fighting mode in Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2, but the game play was awesome (once adjusted) and the story REALLY helps fill in the gap between 1+2.

I am sure that by now you have finished the game (and hopefully 1+2 as well). Was it a good game to play and essential to the story? Just curious before I buy to play. I'm also trying to get information on Birth By Sleep for PSP.
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Dream Drop was on the DS as well. I haven't finished it, but it has its qualities that seem good. Overall I yet to find a KH games I didn't like, even 2 I loved cause of the change of suits and so on.

Now this game is weird cause you constantly switched between Riku and Sora, at times it feels annoying cause you are right in the middle of a fight and bam switch over. Overall fighting system seemed like you would expect and you need to make sure you plan accordingly so you can heal and so on. I liked it but got another game after I hit world 3 and I sort of been addicted to my other games than this.
I enjoyed the game, despite the pet part of the game which I really didn't care for and was annoying at times. They tried something new and hopefully never again.

It really did clear up the KH story some, so you're in for some good plot twists.

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