Kirby Return to Dream Land eshop NA

Will you buy Rainbow curse if you had finish the marvelous Kirby returnto Dreamland Wii on eshop NA?

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Mar 26, 2015
Wii U
I'm pretty sure that this post have already been done, but I want to put some visibility for Nintendo that Kirby return to dream land must be sold on the eshop for north america.

I know that you want to make distance between rainbow curse and this game, but there are two way different game and the rerelease of Kirby return won't affect the sales of rainbow curse. Kirby return is a regular platforming that is affordable in the US-Canada for the moment and will be gladly receive by the community of gamers.

It could even help the sales of rainbow curse. The fan base of Kirby will replay the Wii masterpiece and when done, they will certainly crave for another adventure to dive into. Rainbow Curse will be a nice addition to a collection of Kirby games, but it can't stand alone being a strange game with only a name to back him up.

Help Kirby back is own game and release Kirby return to dream land to the eshop. When player will enjoyed or reenjoyed this game, there will be asking for more and you will see sales for rainbow curse rising.

Kirby is the lovable forgotten name of Nintendo right now. Give to Kirby is rightful place as a popular Nintendo mascot.
I take it you are a Kirby fan.
not so much, but they are great game to play with newby, like my girlfriend. And she can't resist the charm of that pink ball.
Kirby games are a lot of fun but Canvas Curse wasn't my favorite in the series so I'm still undecided about buying Rainbow Curse. I enjoyed the heck out of Return to Dreamland though and am totally in favor of it being sold on the eshop in North America. Oh and I agree about these games being great to play with casual gamers or people who aren't that great at games because they can mess up but still get through the level and have fun. My nephew had a blast with Epic Yarn but I thought the challenge of getting gold on some stages made the games interesting for players of any skill level.