Least known but seriously awesome games for this console?


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Jan 21, 2015
Nintendo 64
Does anyone have a list (or a few suggestions) of not very well known games that need to see daylight? Any oldie-but-goldies out there that nobody is mentioned quite yet? Share with us and let us know!
I was talking about SNES games, though. Which ones do you have/have played that may have rung a bell for being rare or not discussed? Hidden gems, so to speak.
I did not know you were talking 'bout SNES games, bro. Sorry about that. I haven't really played any hidden gems on SNES though.
I know there have to be some out there; so don't be afraid to chime in guys.
Ghouls and Ghosts:

I played this game effortlessly starting at age 7. I kid you not, I never fully beat it.

The game play was a little difficult, and even though I had made it to the last boss battle, I did not have the "bracelet" and was sent right back to the very beginning of the game. Honestly I quit playing after this happened a few times, and I never could find that bracelet- I threw in the towel.

Maybe I will find another copy and give it another try in the near future =^.^=
Ghouls and Ghosts is well recognized because of Super Ghouls and Ghosts, namely. Max became quite popular in later franchise renditions as well, in his undies. It was a very good game indeed, but you don't hear many people pull it up in conversation.
Maximum Carnage was a great game for SNES. I don't know if you would categorize that one as a better known but it was just a fun play. Fond memories of throwing garbage cans.
Max Carnage was fun as hell, as most other Streets-of-Rage type beat em ups were for that generation. I even fondly recall Battletoads and Double Dragon. Such a good system, SNES.
I even fondly recall Battletoads

I hated Battletoads so much. That game was so unforgiving, especially thanks to the friendly fire in co-op. The thing I always liked though, was how the first 2 or 3 stages were pretty easy and doable, and then the game just slapped you in the face with the Turbo Tunnel. So much fun.
Friendly fire made me rage a lot but it was fun to make them pay for it with a life later in the level by jump smackin. Lol :cool:

Capcom's Demon's Quest for the SNES is an amazing side-scrolling platform game that doesn't get the love it deserves. It's actually a follow up to the Gargoyle's Quest games on the NES. Developed by the same team behind the Ghosts 'n Goblins / Ghouls 'n Ghosts series so the pedigree is there. I also believe that Demon's Quest has some of the best and crispest graphics on the SNES and an incredibly cool but creepy atmosphere.
Definitely a known game but I just had to mention it: Killer instinct!

It was awesome, I remember playing with my friends when I was young. We would dim the lights, close the blinds and get scared by the intense music :p

I think the SNES games in north america had a lot of marketing for them, they had sufficient media coverage. I'm willing to bet the more obscure, lesser known games will be found in Japan!
I think a role playing sort of game that I played where you were the protagonist was called Deja Vu. I liked it. It was sort of a solve the mystery of who you are sort of theme. I got it on sale somewhere ridiculously cheap and had never seen it. It was decent.
Is Paperboy considered lesser-known, because if it is, then I would certainly add that to this list. I remember that I played it a lot, and so did my friends, but outside of that I really have no idea. Just given the premise, though, I want to assume that it was not really that popular, but I guess you never really know. That would be my addition, though. Thanks for sharing.
Illusion of Gaia, Secret of Mana, Killer Instinct, Demons Crest, The Lost Vikings. Great games, some not very well known.

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