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Feb 4, 2015
Wii U
I recently bought an old working super nintendo for my husband for Valentine's day. I was wondering if anyone knew of where I can find the Legend of Zelda game for it without paying an arm and a leg?
good luck. I'm not very trusting of eBay, maybe amazon. incidentally, do you have a wii u? These games are available on the virtual console for a lot cheaper than what you are about to go through.
There are plenty of sites who'll get rid of it, as a retro game. If you don't already have it, expect it cost no less then 10-20 dollars, US. Some people will charge a lot more if it's in good condition.

I trust Ebay and I love Paypal, so I'd suggest there. If not, scan the web.

Good choice. I wish my significant other (if I had one, at the time) would buy me such things. Lucky.
Thank you for all of your help guys!

I found a store where I live that sells retro super nintendo games, but unfortunately there is no Zelda. :( But I did score some Super Mario!! Hopefully I will have better luck with Ebay and Amazon.
There's only one version of Zelda for Super Nintendo, it's called A Link to the Past, and the going rate for a used copy right now is $25-30. Good luck!
Also, I can't stress enough if your area holds garage sales, yard sales, or any type of sale where they sale off their possessions (Auction or otherwise) go check them out. Sometimes you can find retro games for dirt cheap.
I have found that some pawn shops (call around even out of area because some are willing to ship), flea markets (luck of the draw), smaller game stores (again, even in outside areas for places willing to ship) and Craigslist are good. Looking for the game posted on Craigslist may take awhile to pop up. but posting ads in the "Wanted" section tends to get better prices and more options as far as price, condition, and location.

Here are some of my local stores where you can find an abundance of Super Nintendo (or any old school) games. Not sure if they are willing to ship, but it never hurts to call and find out =^.^=


I'd would try Ebay, it has always worked for me. :) I have never had any problem at all with their service at all. When I did an Ebay search for ya, I found the game ranges to 9.50 to 55.00 with many having the "buy it now" option. Hope this helps ya.

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