Lego Super Mario Gameboy - Stop Motion!


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Update 24.01.: i think it is not worth that i start a new thread because i did a Lego Tetris gamplay. . . link further down!

Update 25.12.: part 2 is finished, link further down!

Hi everyone,

i think i have something which fits perfectly in here:

This stop-motion is a Lego gameplay from the Nintendo Gameboy classic game "Super Mario Land" from 1989.
All graphics and writings, except the first few seconds of the intro, are made of Lego bricks – and if necessary, adjusted in size (e.g. writings on the top).
I used to turn the colour of the settings into "sepia" - at the end of the clip you can see the original colours, by the way.
Please notice – this video is not supported by, or related to Nintendo in any way – it is a fan project.
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