Let's look back on Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask!

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Jun 22, 2015
So, as you all should know, both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, Nintendo's N64 Zelda titles, have gotten 3DS remakes. Both are considered to be masterpieces, so I've decided to start this thread in hopes of everyone (who cares) remembering these games, and those who didn't care before learning some new things.

So OoT and MM were the second and third Zelda games I ever played (after Phantom Hourglass... *shiver*). I absolutely love these games. So, how about you guys share your thoughts?

Also, PLS tell me how great the 3DS remakes are!
Well, I prefer playing both Ocaina of Time and Majora's Mask on the Nintendo 64. That's the system they were specifically designed and developed for, and it shows. However, I'm glad the 3DS versions exist as they allow a whole new generation of gamers to enjoy these awesome titles. Many of them will not bother to track down a N64 to play these games, therefore it was a smart move by Nintendo to remake both Zelda titles.

And yes, they are indeed masterpieces and the 3DS remakes are worth owning.
I'm playing MM 3d right now, and have played OOt 3d and i will say they are stunning. This is my second play through both titles (once for the 64) and they are quite stunning.

First of all, I'm impressed with the sharpening of the backgrounds. There are carvings on dungeon walls i never knew were there.

They made great use of the touch screen, you have many options of switching out items/masks.

And last, MM is the only title I've been able to play in 3d full time (Luigi's Mansion was close) without getting dizzy. Im happy because this adds beauty to the game even more.

I would not hesitate to get these games for the 3ds, or anything else they decide to remake.
100/100 A+
Love those games, definitely among my favorite on the N64 and among my all-time favorites! Whenever I get around to buying a 3DS I'll gladly pick them up for sure.

I actually missed Ocarina of Time on N64. One of the few heretics who never owned the game. Of course I beat it multiple times borrowing it from friends or relatives every now and then. As recent as a couple of years ago I went hunting for it, the N64 version, but it's a collector's item and very expensive when you manage to find it around here.

Majora's Mask is a game I feel I have history with. My father got it for me along with a guide for it during one business trip just as it had come out, and I wasn't even aware it was out yet. I had no idea what to expect and when I popped it in I had mixed feelings about it. For the most part, I felt it was too hard and complex, so I didn't play it a lot. Within a few months, a lifelong but distant friend (friends of the family; they moved 4 hours away) came to visit and we beat the first temple together. That sparked my definite love for it, but I still progressed very slowly. A few years after I hadn't beat it and I acquired the GameCube and a year or two later the Xbox, and it sort of faded away. Every now and then I'd see it and remember what a great game it was and how I left it unfinished.
Eventually I went back to it and finished it with a friend, to my satisfaction, and soon after replayed it.

Later on I acquired that one promotional disc for GameCube with both games (and others), and I've replayed them a few times. I've actually been thinking a lot about beating them back to back lately. Memorable games, absolutely.
^you're not the only heretic: i never owned a 64 till years later. My first romps with these games were on said GC promotional disc. Can you believe my sister gave it to me?

The first try with MM, i pretty much hated it. I had to stop, order a guide then try again. I did finish it though, and am loving it the second time around because I understand it. Its just a different kind of game. Love the story and how different it all is>

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