Let's talk Obscure PSX/PS2 titles


Jul 25, 2016

I was in love with the titles that came out for these two consoles - most of my childhood was filled with imagery from those games. It kinda saddens me nowadays that I can't seem to find that same magic anymore...

So I decided, hey, why don't we revive the nostalgia with this thread!

Baroque, for example, was one of those games that always mystified me. It seemed to pop out of nowhere and yet it had this seamless story, all bundled up in itself, just waiting to be explored. I dunno how to explain it, but it's like this huge storybook that's all dusty and forgotten in the back of a storage room.

Another game is Rule of Rose, which sucked soooo many of my waking hours into it. The overall story and imagery still haunts me (and the gameplay too, for how buggy and sucky it was :p).

So, which obscure title did you get to actually play?
My step brother is obsessed with Legends of Dragoon. I remember playing a Spyro game, but I don't remember which one. It had a mission of keeping eggs warm while pushing them to a specific place?
Baroque got a remake on Wii. I will not go into Lgend of Dragoon or Xenogears as those are games people always talk about. Same with Vagrant Story.

Soul of the Samurai is a fantastic game.
Rising Zan is a cheesy but great game. It's kinda like No More Heroes as a western. Oh and Mario's Voice Actor has a part in the game.

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