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Nov 2, 2012
This topic is pretty much self explanitory. Let's talk about levels or missions in games that made you want to throw your controller at the T.V. Or Keyboard out the window! Note that these levels don't make the game bad at all. In fact you may love the game but these missions stand out as the "bad parts". I'll go first.

Temple Tempest and Tree Top Town from Donkey Kong Country. Tree Top Town had you shooting from barrels over bottomless pits with pin point timing and Temple Tempest had those awful rolling boulder/disk things that for whatever reason I could never outrun. Both levels were frustration city for me when I was little.

Half Life2- Ravenholm was easy street compared to the "Follow Freeman" mission against those Striders.
I don't remember what level it is, but it was in one of the old Mario games. I believe it was probably Super Mario Bros 3.

I *hated* the moving ship level. I loved the game in general, but this level moved automatically and you had to jump through all the ships, avoiding cannons/bullets, etc ..... Wait, no, it wasn't a ship. It was a convoy of battle trucks or whatever. Like this:


God, it's been a while since I've played that.

Anyway, that level would frustrate me so much because I'd be doing great and suddenly, I would get behind and would die because I'd get trapped behind a cannon or something from one wrong step or failed jump.
I remember a level in Halo 3 where when you increased the difficulty for the level, they just added more and more brutes. At the highest difficulty, it was a pain trying to pick them off. There was also a level in some Bugs Bunny gameboy game I had that I remember was distinctly frustrating... Neither game seemed to benefit from the difficulty, if I recall correctly.
Water Temple in Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Back in the days when I was a kid I never managed to get trough it, only years later when I started it again, I ended up doing it pretty fast..
And also a level on Pilotwings where you had to cross a tunnel with a jetpack, without bumping on the corners, at the time that was pretty hard for me and got me fristrated that the smallest bump deducted points on me.
I have a particular disdain for water levels, and I'd say the Ninja Turtles and Sonic water levels were some of the worst. I know the Labyrinth stage in Sonic was well done and at the very least, fair. But I was still so frustrated at that level, and it really took me a while before I was able to move past it.

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