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Aug 28, 2015
Usually when a new console is launched, they also release limited edition versions as well for the die-hard fans (like us!). If you had the choice, what themed limited edition Nintendo NX console would you choose? Or do you generally skip the themed edition of consoles and/or controllers?
I would love to see some different characters represented like Bowser or Princess Daisy :)
I don't mind themed consoles, some of them look really cool. But I've never bothered to purchase one as I prefer the standard aesthetics. It just seems to look better when you've got a bunch of consoles under the television. When there's a large color variation and graphics on the console casing it just seems tacky, especially after several years have passed and the appeal is no longer there.
I don't own a themed console but I would love to get one! Off the top of my head, a Legend of Zelda one (I know what a shock!) would be really cool. I was looking up Zelda themed Nintendo consoles and I came across this one...

Wow, I wish I had this themed version of the Nintendo 64:

I love them. I've had two; a Jungle Green N64 and an R2D2 Xbox 360.
@GunGunW I'm so jealous of your R2-D2 Xbox! Where did you get it?

A Star Wars Nintendo NX would be awesome too, although we don't really know yet what the console will look like. We'll have to wait and see, and hopefully Nintendo announces some limited edition ones at the same time.
I don't really care about aesthetics. Just give me a good system that is competitively priced, and the themes can be thrown at the road side. I think Nintendo has got to stop this gimmick approach in their video game business. The Wii U is doing poorly. Time to stop the kiddy ride and put some muscle under the hood. The little kids that they made millions off of are grown up and want grown up games.
@joshposh aesthetics and "muscle under the hood" are not mutually exclusive. The people who are working on games and the hardware aspect of the Wii U aren't the same people who are designing the look of the console. Offering themed consoles is a way to reach out to people who enjoy that stuff, but it's done as an alternative to the standard console offering. It's not a "gimmick" as you put it, it's good business to reach out to different demographics.

I don't see what the correlation is between themed consoles and the Wii U struggling, at all.
To me it is a gimmick!!! So you think it is a better business model to focus on themed limited edition consoles and not what's under the hood? The correlation between the Wii U failing and is that they rely on gimmicks to get people to buy their systems. Themed console is a gimmick. Mascots and 30 year old characters that use to please children are now grown up, that's a gimmick. So that is the correlation, gimmicks to make it seem like you are getting more or equal value, when you are actually not. PERCEIVED VALUE. Your perception is increase value or you think your special, but your not.
@joshposh except a limited edition console and what's under the hood have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other (hey look, I can use caps too! ;)). It's not one guy (let's call him Bob) at Nintendo that's working on what's "under the hood" for the console and suddenly a suit comes up to him and says "Stop what you're doing Bob, I need to you to grab a paintbrush and make this console Poké-themed". It's two very separate departments that do very different things so you're not taking away any resources by offering themed consoles, it's a benefit. To you it's a gimmick, but to most it's not and it's fun to have a unique console.

The fact is that you are getting more, because you're getting a different console than what 99% of the people have. Obviously it's a perceived value, everything is a perceived value. People will spend money on something because they feel it's worth it to them. Whether I think that console will rise in value or not is debatable, but if I take a quick look on eBay under the sold listings, some of them do increase in value. That's called supply and demand, a pretty basic principle.

Nintendo's mascots and 30 year old characters have proven that they are still a strong stable of characters that market very well and drive in sales. I think the amiibo craze proves this, but also the fact that we're getting a Yoshi game, a Star Fox game, etc. These are characters that people know and love and they drive sales.

[...] you think *you're special, but *you're not.

And I disagree on your very last point: I am special, and I know I am because my mom tells me every day. And mothers know best.
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If I'm going to buy anything that is of limited edition status, that means it has to be exceptional. Having a NX that looks like Yoshi is not exceptional. You are not getting more value, it's just the perception of it. Now if they were releasing a limited edition NX with an extra 1gb of ram, then that is true value. Limited edition is just a ploy to get consumers fired up to buy something. But under it all it is still the same if it comes in a prettier package.
@joshposh no one is arguing that a themed console is purely for aesthetics, but to say that it has no value is simply untrue. The proof is that a lot of people purchase themed consoles, and they do it because they get something from it (which is value!). There's no ploy here, there's no shady or hidden plan from the company making them. When you buy a themed console, you know exactly what you're getting: something that looks different than the normal stock console.

Maybe you don't like them, but to say that they have no value is false since value is purely subjective, and clearly some people feel they are worth it.

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