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Jan 13, 2017
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I have been a huge Zelda fan since I was really little, in fact one of my earliest and clearest memories is of watching my sibling play Zelda. When I was 10 years old my sister and I were both playing Ocarina of Time and we constantly talked about the future of Zelda games and we dreamed of one just like Breath of the Wild, a massive and beautiful open world game, and what it would be like to play. Now that its roughly 6 weeks away neither of us could be more excited. Im a collector and prefer to get collectors editions. I was able to preorder the special edition which I did reluctantly because the Masters Edition is extremely limited. Although I am happy I at least got the special edition I am extremely disappointed I wasnt able to get the Masters edition. Mainly because of resellers trying to make a profit. I would blame them directly but the fault is on Nintendo for making a very limited supply as they should of known many long time fans wouldnt get a chance at it and resellers would. I personally feel let down by Nintendo and feel they should of made this version more widely available so true fans like myself could purchase and proudly display on their shelves. Like I said before I am glad I got the special edition but without the statue it feels incomplete and I feel ripped off.
The Masters edition was available all night last night at US. It's probably gone out, but just keep your eye out for the Masters Edition I guess?

I'm sorry you feel this way and that Nintendo has let you down, though. Be careful not to let your disappointment at Nintendo deprive yourself of the fun you can have with the games and collectables. I have made that mistake before. Nintendo isn't perfect but they are still top notch.
Very true thats why I went ahead and got the special edition. I just would of liked to get the Masters edition. Either way im excited for Breath of the Wild and it will probably end up being my favorite game. I still need to preorder the switch when I have the extra money hopefully it isnt hard to get a hold of

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