Link to the Past sequel?

I am soooo unimpressed by the 3D graphics.
I thought it had been officially confirmed as a sequel. They're using the light and dark worlds and all that jazz. It's supposed to be coming out this year. After to seeing the gameplay video I'm looking forward to it.
I think it has been confirmed as a sequel now to Link to the Past that was original on SNES. I am very impressed with the
graphics and so happy that they stayed true to the original look and feel of the game. Even though it's a sequel of
a Zelda world we're familiar with it does feel like a whole new game and I am very excited to play it. A Link to the
Past was my first Legend of Zelda game that I played so I will defiently be investing in this one. I can't wait to find
out more, especially about the ability to why you can turn into a drawing.
Whoa, this game looks sick!
I like the top down of the original Zelda games as it gives the dungeons that more closed in and trapped feel.
And the 3D looks great I think.

The graphics remind me of the new Super Mario 3DS games though which is something I'm not used to seeing in Zelda games. Normally the graphics are quite sharp and squarish where as this looks more round and friendly like Mario.

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