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Sep 19, 2012
Hey guys!

It's great to see the forum grow at such a steady pace, with new, quality members joining every day and contributing to the discussion about our favorite Nintendo games!

To keep growing, Nintendo Forums needs your help! If you have a blog, website, Tumblr page or YouTube channel, we could REALLY use a link from you to help more people discover us. The more sites link to us, the more "authoritative" the site becomes to search engines, and the more people find us. So please link to us!

How to link:
For an effective link, please include a few sentences describing our site in your own words (Google loves descriptions that look natural, as opposed to copy-pastes). For the actual link, include the full address and for "anchor text" use anything like Nintendo Forums, Wii U Forum, Wii Community, 3DS fan site, Nintendo news etc etc etc. You get the idea--the more varied the anchor text, the better.

Example of what the actual code will look like:

As reported on a Nintendo news site, the new Zelda game will feature an Epona-riding Ganondorf fighting anthropomorphic pigs.
Every single link counts in making our community grow--I cannot stress this enough. Thank you everyone for being with us and making this site so much fun!
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