Little Children on Xbox Live = Funny

I've seen kids act like this in the Arcades back in hte 80's and 90's. To funny. I seen one kid lose in Mortal Komba and he got so angry that he kicked the machine and punch it and knocked it over. It was to funny. Also I've played Super mario Kart on my little Cousin's SNES back in 1995. I kept on beating him. He started to cry. So I said you might win this next one if I pick a different driver. So we played. And he had no idea I was letting him win. So he won the race. He was very happy. And I told I let you win this race. and he flipped out starting to cry and punch me. lol.
Yea, I'm going to have to side with this one being fake. The tenth 'I'm telling my dad' was a pretty helpful giveaway. However there are plenty of children on Xbox live. They're just swearing as opposed to the dad comments. Much more realistic.
Same here. I don't use a mic. I just enable the chat to hear the kids getting angry. it's to funny. I even download trolling videos off of youtube. I got them in a folder on my External Hard drive so I can watch it on my TV through my laptop.
I don't like when little kids play because some of them are cute while some of them are actually really rude in the comments that they say online. If I ever caught my son/daughter talking that way.. I would definitely lay down the law.

This is to funny!!!
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You guys are awful - I mean yeah it's funny, but seriously they're children and stuff. That said if they were those little 12 y.o. who never stop cursing then I don't know... it might be even funnier.
If they were children they probably should not have been playing an adult game like GTA. I think playing M rated games opens you up to being treated a certain way. To be honest, any game where you can interact verbally with others will eventually result in being made fun of or sworn at.
Honestly - if the game is rated M as in Mature then I expect some level of maturity from those that play it. Picking on those 15 and under just seems rather lame for a supposed adult. That said I honestly don't know why kids below the age of 15 are playing these things.
I don't like when I am playing on the Xbox live and these little kids on there that are making so much noise and it is really hard to just sit down and enjoy the game when they are on there just screaming and making so much noise.
I don't play Xbox live in open channel communications for this reason. Me and my friends (of an older variety) call them "squeakers" and then dip party. There are of course a bunch of cool kids, and I'm not saying they're all bad. But face it; like CALL OF DUTY aren't exactly known for their helpful communities. Lol.
Yeah, no kidding (pun unintended).
My wife and I sometimes have a blast listening to their stream of nonsense and swearing, but after a game or two it gets so annoying we mute them.
It's very hard to concentrate when some little kid is yelling at you to do something you already know, or just using typical slurs and racist comments because they don't know/don't care any better.
I have played Call of Duty online and it seems like the only people who are talking are the little kids. It's always the most vulgar things too. I don't understand why little kids think some of the things that they say are funny, but they get so annoying. Half way through the game I tend to mute them.
Just curious Danielle, why halfway? Eat a death at the beginning if you have to, go into menus and do it quickly. That way you have full concentration on owning these teabagging squeakers haha!
Just curious Danielle, why halfway? Eat a death at the beginning if you have to, go into menus and do it quickly. That way you have full concentration on owning these teabagging squeakers haha!

Haha half way because by then I can't stand them. That is the one thing that I have always hated about playing online. There are so many little kids on there. I mean it's nice when you have a private chat so you don't have to hear them, but I don't always do that. Plus I have a little sister, and I'm sure that my parents don't want her to hear the stuff coming from their mouth!

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