Little Nemo, The Dream Master


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Mar 26, 2013
This was one of those lesser known NES games that happened to be pretty high quality. Everyone from those days knows the pain of seeing a game on the shelf that looks great but then, when you get it home, it's unplayably bad. This pothole was always in the back of your mind when you were deciding what game to harass your parents for and a title like "Little Nemo, The Dream Master" had a hard time getting past it.

Never the less, completely unaware of the franchise in either it's original newspaper comic form, or the then-recent animated movie, I found something about it compelling. Having procured my copy, I was pleasantly surprised to discover it had great graphics and unique gameplay. You ran around dreamland throwing candy at monsters to stun them. You eventually find animals who eat your candy and then you wear them like a suit to gain their special abilities.

Did anyone else get into this quirky little tilte, and if so, what were your favorite parts?
I aboslutely loved this game! Though I really don't remember too much of it since i was like 10 the last time I played it, I do remember how much fun it was to jump into the creatures. I remember being a frog and all types of other stuff. Atually, I'm probably going to go get this for my emulator now that I've been talking about it LOL.

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