Log out of e-store account and lose games?

Duncan Christian

New Member
Dec 18, 2017
Game Boy Color
Hi, this is my first post so I have no idea if this has been asked before! Sorry if it has! I have recently bought a Nintendo 3DS XL from my friend who has now moved to France for a year, he left himself logged in on the E-store and the games he downloaded such as Pokemon and metroid prime, if I log him out and make an account for me so I can download games I want and it won't ask for his card details, will it delete the games he has downloaded and are installed on the DS? He's fine with me playing the games he just doesn't want me to use his card by mistake haha, many thanks. Duncan.
I don't know. I'm pretty sure if your not logged in then it will take the games away. I would like to know this as well. Anyone know anything?
Out of the three major players (Nintendo, XBOX, PlayStation) Nintendo is the most strict when it comes to digital content. I can almost guarantee that when you log out, you will no longer be able to play the games that are already on the 3DS because they were purchased under a different user.