Longevity of the Wii U


Jan 19, 2015
Does anyone really think that Nintendo can compete via the console channels? I mean, yeah the game are fun for the WiiU (I own one and play it from time to time, I wish I had more games for it), but for the most part it seems like Sony and Microsoft don't really consider it "competition". It's more like they know it's there, but usually don't try and compete with it for the most part. Like, they just sweep it off to the side as if it doesn't really matter, which is sad.

My point being, do you see Nintendo stopping production on home console systems to pursue better handhelds instead? IMO I'd rather have my 3DS than my WiiU at the moment. It's nice having it but it wouldn't kill me if I didn't have it. Anyone else?
I think that Nintendo could compete with the other gaming console if they put a little more effort into it. Right now it seems like all that they are pushing for is for the 3 DS and I will tell you that I think that the 3DS is really nice and something that is worth having if you are gaming on the go. If Nintendo really steps it up I think that they can be in good running with the other consoles that are out right now.
I think the Wii U will be around for a little while. Nintendo had a really good year last year, and now they are coming out with games that a lot of people want to play. It can only go up from here.
Doesn't it speak to the truth that most of the topics in the Wii U section now seem to be asking things like 'longevity' or 'worth it' or 'enough games'? Clearly, they need to move on from this platform & I think they're feeling it more than anyone at this point.
nope, i gotta have them both. party games are fun times in the living room, but at the same time i can't hog the tv grinding away in Bravely Default. i have more time played on my 3ds, but through promotional offers/sales, i have more games on my wii u than i have time for. i love my wii u. Besides, how awesome is Ducktales in HD and surround sound?
I think Nintendo's lineup of exclusive titles make it an attractive console even if in terms of hardware, the company has fallen behind Sony and Microsoft. In terms of competition, I don't think Nintendo is trying to outdo either company. Nintendo knows what it does well and focuses on those areas. In the future I would like to see more interactivity between Nintendo's handhelds and whatever follows the WiiU.
Nintendo says it has a few years left, pending what they show at this year's E3 that might be true but I give it 1-2 years top. There is no support for it and I'm sure 1st party games are being made for NX.
Well, we already know it will live until 2017, that makes its lifespan 5 years, the same as the N64. Now tell me that was a sucky console, I dare you!
But seriously, from many posts it would seem people base its age as an indication of its quality. Let's not forget so many other generation that haven't lasted the 8 years that last-gen did.

I see lots of hate for the Wii U, but this thread gives me an idea. People seem to want to compare it with the PS4 and Xbox One. That's just futile.
Personally, I see Wii U as going parallel to those consoles, but not in the same battlefield. I know I'll buy a PS4 and I wasn't interested in the Wii U until I played it. Now I see it and my future PS4 as complementing each other; much the same way I don't ever think PC or PS4, but PC and PS4.
The reason for this? Only a few games coming out for either console are the same - certainly less so than the shared titles between PS4 and Xbox One - and with perfect sense: they're not technologically equivalent.
The Wii U, like the before it in its generation, has much lower hardware specs, but Nintendo makes up for it giving you a very different experience. In the Wii, I wasn't interested in that experience in the least, also not when Microsoft and Sony copied it. But in the Wii U it comes with variety (such as the many different available controllers and how many games use them differently), but also with Nintendo's most obvious and biggest advantage, which is their exclusive IP.
At least to those of us who grew up on the NES/SNES/N64 there's nothing quite like Pokemon, like Zelda, like Mario. It's as easy as to think of modern-day platformers... you have indie games like Super Meat Boy or Braid, or you have the latest Mario game. The particular mix of action, adventure and RPG from Zelda? There's lots of amazing, epic, adventurous RPGs but none give you quite the same feel. Smash Bros? There's no fighting game like it.

That said, if the NX can get on par with the others in hardware - and let's face it, with a 3-year advantage they could even improve upon it - they could not only take advantage of the market for all current triple A console game franchises (Assassin's Creed, Tom Clancy, Call of Duty, Battlefield, etc...) but also have the edge with their exclusives. It could go from the other console that you own to the one you're aiming for, your gaming priority.

So with that, let's enjoy the Wii U for what it is (or not, it's your choice but I have made mine) and hope the Nintendo NX kicks some ass!
The Nintendo Wii U is certainly competition towards the Xbox and Playstation. Your not thinking if you do not think so. Think about if you had a kid and he wants to game. There would be alot more sales for the Xbox or Playstation if the Wii U wasn't a option. The Wii U also goes in full HD which stops the critics from saying the games look bad. I see the Wii U having 2 more good years and who knows after that. Many good games are coming out soon so there is no need to worry at the moment.
Well Nintendo is suppose to announce more 3rd party support at tomorrow's E3. So this may boost it's life span a bit but I wouldn't hope for much. everything should just be focused on the NX.
Nintendo's strengths have always been with it's own first-party franchises. Neither Sony or Microsoft can compete with Nintendo in this department. Of course the gaming landscape has changed considerably and has not been kind to Nintendo, especially in the console space. However, I'm not concerned with the Wii U's longevity, the system will still be around and supported within the next couple of years.

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