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Nov 29, 2021
I've been looking for the name of an old NES game for ages that I remember playing as a kid. It was a rental so I had only one weekend to play it. Here's all the things I can remember about it:
- It was a side scrolling RPG/fighting game, I don't remember anything about the main character though.
- A group of bad guys were dressed in standard evil cloaks and teleported with a wavy animation and sound. There may have been an intro cutscene where they teleported in to resurrect some evil guy.
- The cloaked guys would appear at the end of levels to summon and sometimes morph into a boss monster. One boss was a merman/Triton and another I remember was a floating animal skull and spine with a cape.

I hope somebody remembers it, it has been bugging me for ages.
Hey Dunhart

We might be looking for the same game. I've been looking for this for years with no result

Please tell me if these are also the elements you encountered

- The VS fighting sequence was somewhere near the beginning of the game ( and as far as i remember it was the only one )

- At some point you had a group of characters that you could control during the RPG battle sequences
- You and the rest of these characters could transform in to some fantasy type warriors in different colors and that would give you more options to attack and more power

Check this title on the Tube. It's the closest in overall looks that I've been able to find ( the difference is that you don't see your characters during the RPG battles )

Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu Hen

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